~Golden Rule Kate~
~3. Louise Glaum & William Conklin~
~7. Louise Glaum~
~Plot Synopsis~
Louise Glaum Stars In "Golden Rule Kate"

Louise Glaum as a sagebrush siren in her latest Triangle play, "Golden Rule Kate," will be
the feature at the Columbia theatre today.
She appears as the proprietress of the "Right-Light" saloon and dance hall in a western
mining town. The curious garments, such as "the devil gown, the spider dress and the
peacock robe," which have contributed to the fame of this "siren supreme," are
temporarily displaced by the buckskin skirt and bead-trimmed accouterments of a dance
hall girl, who might be described as a "female Bill Hart."

One of the most exciting and humorous moments of the play is supplied when Golden
Rule Kate orders one of the cowpunchers to go forth, lasso the village preacher and drag
him into the dance hall. Fortunately, Kate's wrath for the "sky-pilot" is mollified, and she
makes a compact with him whereby it is agreed that she will attend church every Sunday
and he will tend bar in her saloon one hour each day.

This character is so utterly different from the recent successes scored by Miss Glaum that
it will be acclaimed as novelty, although it is similar to her earlier parts when she served as
a foil for Hart and his western pictures.

The piece was directed by Reginald Barker from a story by Monte M. Katterjohn, and the
cast includes such prominent Triangle players as Jack Gilbert, Gertrude Claire, Mildred
Harris, Jack Richardson, William Conklin and L. P. Lockney.

Warren Evening Times, Saturday, September 15, 1917
Directed by: Reginald Barker

Written by: Monte M. Katterjohn

Louise Glaum ...  Golden Rule Kate
William Conklin ...  Reverend Gavin McGregor
Jack Richardson ...  'Slick' Barney
Mildred Harris ...  Olive - Kate's sister
John Gilbert ...  The Heller
Gertrude Claire ...  Mrs. McGregor (uncredited)
Josephine Headley ...  Vegas Kate (uncredited)
J.P. Lockney ...  'Nose Paint' Jonas (uncredited)
Milton Ross ...  Jim Preston (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Triangle Film Corporation

Cinematography: Robert Newhard

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Released: August 12, 1917
~5. Louise Glaum & William Conklin~
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