~Golden Dreams~
~Photograph from The California Theater
promoting the screening of Claire Adam's
"Golden Dreams," in 1922~

Rose Dione ...  Countess de Elberca
Claire Adams ...  Mercedes McDonald
Norris McKay ...  Enrique McDonald
Carl Gantvoort ...  Sandy Buchanan
Audrey Chapman ...  Althea Lippincott
Ida Ward ...  Countess de Elberca's Cousin
Bertram Grassby ...  Duke of Othomo
Frank Leigh ...  Don Felipe de Cristobal
Gordon Mullen ...  Pedro
Pomeroy Cannon ...  Big Bill
Frank Hayes ...  Circus Clown
Babe London ...  Strong Woman
Mary Jane Irving ...  Child Clown
Walter Perkins ...  Circus Manager
Harry Lorraine ...  Innkeeper
Charles Murphy ...  Animal Trainer
William Orlamond ...  Schoolmaster
D. Mitsoras ...  Majordomo
Written & Directed by: Benjamin B. Hampton

Suggested by an unidentified novel by Zane Grey.
Oil is discovered on the Countess de Elberca's (Rose Dione) estate in a mythical Spanish American
country. Mercedes McDonald (Claire Adams), her niece, falls in love with Sandy Buchanan (Carl
Gantvoort), a young Scotch engineer hired by the countess. Don Felipe (Frank Leigh), a neighbor in
need of money to avoid arrest for embezzlement, conspires with his nephew, the Duke of Othomo
(Bertram Grassby), for the latter to wed Mercedes. The aunt approves the suit. Felipe and Othomo
attempt to kill Mercedes' sweetheart, but Buchanan, with the aid of her brother and a traveling
American circus, foils their plans. Felipe and Othomo are killed by the circus animals, and the aunt
consents to Mercedes' marriage to Buchanan.  

Plot Synopsis from afi.com
~Plot Synopsis~
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Benjamin B. Hampton Productions

Distribution Company: Goldwyn Distributing Company

Produced by: Benjamin B. Hampton
Associate Directors: Jean Hersholt, Gus Peterson & Charles O. Rush

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Released: June 4, 1922