~Go Get ‘Em Hutch~
~Pearl Shepard & Marguerite Clayton~

Charles Hutchison ...  Hutch
Marguerite Clayton   
Richard Neill   
Frank Hagney   
Pearl Shepard   
Joe Cuny  
~Richard Neill, Marguerite Clayton, Charles Hutchison and Pearl Shepard~
Directed by: George B. Seitz

Written by: Frank Leon Smith - writer
Filmed at Saranac Lake and Ausable Chasm, NY, this serial, released in 15 chapters, starred one of
the icons of the genre, daredevil actor Charles Hutchison, who reportedly earned 1,000 dollars a
week for his efforts. This time, Hutchison goes up against a crooked lawyer (Richard R. Neill) and
his crime syndicate, who are out to fleece heroine Marguerite Clayton. As was often the case in the
silent era, the lead heavy had an equally dangerous female in his employ, here played by Pearl
Shepard, but both were defeated by the irrepressible Hutch in the final chapter, "Ten Minutes to
Live." His protestations to the contrary, Hutchison was doubled by Joe Cuny in the most dangerous
sequences, including a leap across the chasm.

Plot Synopsis from Hans J. Wollstein on allmovie.com
~Plot Synopsis~
~B1-25: Marguerite Clayton & Charles Hutchinson~
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: George B. Seitz Productions

Distributed by: Pathé Exchange

Produced by: George B. Seitz

Released: April 9, 1922