~Gladys Brockwell~

Born: September 26, 1894 in Brooklyn, NY, USA
Died: July 2, 1929 in Hollywood, CA, USA
~Jack Freiluch portrait of Gladys Brockwell~
From Headquarters (1929) .... Mary Dyer
Hardboiled Rose (1929) .... Julie Malo
The Woman Disputed (1928) .... Countess
Hollywood Bound (1928)
Lights of New York (1928) .... Molly Thompson
My Home Town (1928) .... Mae Andrews
A Girl in Every Port (1928) (uncredited) .... Bit Part
The Law and the Man (1928) .... Margaret Grayson
Man, Woman and Sin (1927) .... Mrs. Whitcomb
The Country Doctor (1927) .... Myra Jones
The Elegy (1927) .... Misguided Woman
The Satin Woman (1927) .... Mae
7th Heaven (1927) .... Nana ... Still Code: Bor-7-X
Long Pants (1927) .... His Mother
Twinkletoes (1926) .... Cissie Lightfoot
Spangles (1926) .... Mademoiselle Dazie
Her Sacrifice (1926) .... Mary Cullen
The Last Frontier (1926) .... Cynthia Jaggers
The Carnival Girl (1926) .... Her Mother
The Skyrocket (1926) .... Rose Kimm (prologue)
The Ancient Mariner (1925) .... Life In Death
Stella Maris (1925) .... Louisa Risca
The Splendid Road (1925) .... Satan's Sister
The Necessary Evil (1925) .... Frances Jerome
Chickie (1925) .... Jennie
The Reckless Sex (1925) .... Mrs. Garcia
So Big (1924) .... Maartje Poole
The Foolish Virgin (1924) .... Nance Owens
Unmarried Wives (1924) .... Mrs. Gregory
The Darling of New York (1923) .... Ligh Fingered Kitty
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1923/I) .... Sister Gudule
His Last Race (1923) .... Mary
Penrod and Sam (1923) .... Mrs. Schofield
The Drug Traffic (1923) .... Edna Moore
Oliver Twist (1922) .... Nancy Sikes
Paid Back (1922) .... Carol Gordon
Double Stakes (1922)
The Sage Hen (1921) .... The Sage Henn
Rose of Nome (1920) .... Rose Donnay
A Sister to Salome (1920) .... Elinore Duane
White Lies (1920) .... Josephine
The Mother of His Children (1920) .... Princess Yve
The Devil's Riddle (1920) .... Esther Anderson
Flames of the Flesh (1920) .... Candace

Thieves (1919) .... Mazie Starrett
The Broken Commandments (1919) .... Nella Banard - Movie Still Code:B-4-X
Chasing Rainbows (1919) .... Sadie
The Sneak (1919) .... Rhona
The Divorce Trap (1919) .... Eleanor Burton
Pitfalls of a Big City (1919) .... Molly Moore
The Forbidden Room (1919) .... Ruth Lester
The Call of the Soul (1919) .... Barbara Deming
The Strange Woman (1918) .... Inez de Pierrefond
Kultur (1918) .... Countess Griselda von Arenburg
The Bird of Prey (1918) .... Adele Durant
The Scarlet Road (1918) .... Mabel Halloway
Her One Mistake (1918) .... Harriet Gordon/Peggy Malone
... aka Miss Past and Miss Present (USA: copyright title)
The Devil's Wheel (1918) .... Blanche De Montfort
The Moral Law (1918) .... Isobel de Costa/Anita de Costa
For Liberty (1917) .... Marcia Glendon
A Branded Soul (1917) .... Conchita Cordova
Conscience (1917) .... Serama/Ruth Somers
The Soul of Satan (1917) .... Miriam Lee
To Honor and Obey (1917) .... Lorrie Hollis
The Price of Her Soul (1917) .... Ailene Graham
Her Temptation (1917) .... Shirley Moreland
The Honor System (1917) .... Trixie Bennnett
One Touch of Sin (1917) .... Mary Livingston
Sins of Her Parent (1916) .... Adrian Gardiner/Valerie Marchmont
... aka Sins of the Parents (USA: review title)
The Fires of Conscience (1916) .... Margery Burke
The End of the Trail (1916) .... Adrienne Carot
The Woman Who Followed Me (1916)
The Purple Maze (1916)
The Crippled Hand (1916) .... The Prima Donna
The Price of Power (1916/I)
The She-Devil (1916)
Double Trouble (1915) .... Daisy Scarlett
His Guiding Angel (1915) .... Vivian Gray
Providence and the Twins (1915) .... Miss Abagail Dean
A Chase by Moonlight (1915)
The Fortification Plans (1915) .... Marcia
The Old High Chair (1915)
Up from the Depths (1915) .... Daire Vincent
Ethel's New Dress (1915)
On the Night Stage (1915) (uncredited) .... Saloon Girl
... aka The Bandit and the Preacher (USA: reissue title)
A Man and His Mate (1915) .... Betty
A Confidence Game (1915)
The Last of the Line (1914)
A Political Feud (1914)
A Crook's Sweetheart (1914)
Destiny's Night (1914)
The Worth of a Life (1914) .... Ruby Baker
The End of the Galley (1914)
The Typhoon (1914) .... Helene
One of the Discarded (1914)
Stacked Cards (1914)
A Romance of the Sawdust Ring (1914)
Shorty and the Aridville Terror (1914)
A Relic of Old Japan (1914)
The Wrath of the Gods (1914)
... aka The Destruction of Sakura-Jima or The Wrath of the Gods
The Ambassador's Envoy (1914)
The Geisha (1914)
The Play's the Thing (1914)
Divorce (1914)
Narcotic Spectre (1914)
When Mountain and Valley Meet (1913)
The Harmless One (1913)
The Rattlesnake (1913)
The Evil Eye (1913)
The Evil One (1913)
His Blind Power (1913)
... aka The Cocaine Fiend (USA)
An intelligent and versatile silent screen actress, Gladys Brockwell (née Lindeman) was the
Brooklyn-born daughter of a struggling chorus girl. On-stage herself from the age of three, Brockwell
played ingénues at 11 and dramatic leading ladies at 15, an early stardom that would help her ease
gracefully into character roles in the 1920s. She made her screen debut for the Philadelphia-based
Lubin company in 1913 and later appeared for D.W. Griffith. Not exactly the wistful type like Lillian
Gish or Mae Marsh, Brockwell quickly left Griffith's Fine Arts in favor of Fox, where she would
establish herself as one of America's busiest leading ladies, often playing long-suffering women. She
was still a top star at the dawn of a new decade but was not above accepting smaller roles as long as
they were interesting. In 1922, she played Nancy Sykes opposite Lon Chaney's Fagin in Oliver Twist
and was the following year cast as Esmeralda's deranged mother in The Hunchback of Notre Dame,
both films having survived and stood the test of time. By the late '20s, Brockwell had become one of
Hollywood's most respected character women and would still earn the odd starring assignment. She
made the transition to sound with ease, offering a harrowing performance as the gangster's moll in
Lights of New York (1928), Hollywood's first 100-percent talking film. This still surviving museum
piece was produced by Warner Bros., who awarded Brockwell a seven-year contract. Alas, time had
run out for the now veteran star who was fatally injured in a car accident at Calabasas, CA, in late
June of 1929, dying from peritonitis at Hollywood Hospital a few days later. Had she lived, Gladys
Brockwell may very well have been awarded the kind of roles that instead went to the likes of Ruth
Chatterton and Lenore Ulric. Happily, some of her finest silent films, including Oliver Twist and
Hunchback, are readily available today.

Biography by Hans J. Wollstein, AllMovie.com