~Gertrude Selby~

Born: May 25, 1890 in Philadelphia, PA, USA
Died: June 22, 1975 in Los Angeles, CA, USA
Gertrude Selby, nicknamed Gertie by Lillian Gish, starred in 50 films in just 5 years, starting in 1914.
Gertie was the lead comedienne for Henry Lerman's L-KO Motion Picture Company and his Fox
Sunshine Comedies. She continued to make films for another 3 years after leaving Lerman's studio.

In 1919, she retired from films to become a wife to Townsend Netcher, a Chicago department store
heir in New York. Their marriage ended in 1928.

Gertie spent most of the 1930's in Europe with her mother Olga and her sister Edith. She narrowly
fled Spain before the Spanish revolution and finally settled in New York before World War II. Her
second marriage was to George Gashet, whom she referred to as her "Frugal Frogie."

She remained in New York most of her life socializing with the rich and famous and even lunched at
the White House with one of the First Ladies.

Only a handful of Gertie's films are still in existence, one film is privately owned a few more were
restored by The Library of Congress.
~Silent Filmography~
Easy to Make Money (1919) .... Ethel Wheeler
... aka It's Easy to Make Money (USA: copyright title)
Money Talks (1919)
The Son of a Hun (1918)
Mongrels (1918)
Kidder and Ko (1918) .... Julie Knight
Twenty-One (1918) .... Dixie Charlton
Wedding Bells and Lunatics (1918)
Too Much Elephant (1917)
The End of a Perfect Day (1917)
The Double Room Mystery (1917) .... Georgianna
His College Proxy (1917)
Hubby's Holiday (1917)
A Child of Mystery (1916) .... Carlotta
The Sign of the Poppy (1916) .... Edith Marston
She Wanted a Ford (1916)
Lured But Cured (1916)
A Desperate Remedy (1916)
The Small Magnetic Hand (1916)
Crooked from the Start (1916)
Snoring in High C (1916)
Spring Fever (1916)
Getting the Goods on Gertie (1916) .... Gertie
Dirty Work in a Beanery (1916)
Gertie's Gasoline Glide (1916)
... aka Gaby's Gasoline Glide (USA)
Mr. Buddy Briggs, Burglar (1916)
Gertie's Awful Fix (1916) .... Gertie
Firing the Butler, or The Butler's Fired (1916)
A September Mourning (1916) .... Girl
Sea Dogs and Land Rats (1916)
Gertie's Busy Day (1916) .... Gertie
Billie's Reformation (1916)
Pants and Petticoats (1916)
Greed and Gasoline (1915) .... Gertie
Tears and Sunshine (1915) .... Daughter
Under New Management (1915) .... Gertie, a stenographer
Scandal in the Family (1915)
Gertie's Joy Ride (1915) .... Gertie
Hello, Bill! (1915)
Life and Moving Pictures (1915)
Blue Blood and Yellow Backs (1915)
Broken Hearts and Pledges (1915)
Under the Table (1915)
Rough But Romantic (1915)
Bill's New Pal (1915)
After Her Millions (1915)
The Rural Demons (1914)
Lizzy's Escape (1914)
The Fatal Marriage (1914)
Partners in Crime (1914)
Love and Surgery (1914)