~George K. Arthur~

Born: January 27, 1899 in Littlehampton, Sussex, England, UK
Died: May 30, 1985 in New York City, New York, USA
Scottish actor George K. Arthur, born George Brest, worked as leading man and supporting actor
during the '20s and '30s. Prior to coming to Hollywood, Arthur worked as a popular Shakespearean
actor. He made his screen debut in the British film Kipps in 1921. One year later he moved to
Hollywood. Although primarily a leading man in light dramas, he was offered a sadder more
reflective role as the hero in Josef von Sternberg's The Salvation Hunters in 1925. He later worked
with Karl Dane in a series of very popular comedies beginning with Rookies. They worked together
until 1929. He retired from acting in 1935, and went on to work in business, and the production and
distribution of films.

Biography by Sandra Brennan, AllMovie.com
~Silent Filmography~
Hollywood, California
January 11, 1926

Don't get barbarous!" Lew Cody warns George K.
Arthur, as the latter "baptizes" their new
barbershop by trimming his partner's moustache.
This ceremony was part of the opening of a new
barbershop in Hollywood, across the street from
the Writers' Club, in which the two
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer players, with Renee
Adoree, Jack Conway, and other screen
celebrities are stockholders. The shop is designed
with makeup and beauty departments as
necessities to screen players, from which its
principal patronage is drawn.
Los Angeles, California
December 15. 1932

Perhaps permanently scarred as a result of a
deep cut over the eye he received when he was
assaulted by Thomas Boyrle, wealthy and
brawny business man, George K. Arthur,
diminutive actor-producer, prepared to sue his
assailant. Boyrle, who was fined $10 for assault
and battery when he was captured and brought
into Municipal court, was said to have attacked
Arthur during a traffic argument in Hollywood.
Through his attorney, Ralph H. Blum, the actor
will sue his assailant for "a very considerable
sum," the amount depending on how much of a
scar is left by the cut, in which two stitches were
taken, he said.
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