~W-18-1: George Walsh and Unknown~
~Plot Synopsis~
Dave Henderson (George Walsh), an orphan who has become the beneficiary of a rich man's will,
falls in with race-track crooks Martin Tydeman (James A. Marcus) and Bokky Sharvan (Paul
Everton) who bilk him out of his $100,000 inheritance. In retaliation, Dave steals the money from
Tydeman's safe, but is caught and sentenced to five years in jail. In prison, Dave becomes friendly
with Millman, who is about to be released, and reveals the money's hiding place to him, arranging to
rendezvous at the end of Dave's term. Once released, Dave is hounded by members of Tydeman's
gang as well as the police, who are waiting for him to retrieve his bounty. While taking refuge at the
house of Capriano, an old bombmaker, Dave falls in love with the old man's daughter Teresa.
However, Capriano sets a trap for Dave, who awakens in a drugged state to find the $100,000
missing. With the help of Millman and Teresa, Dave recovers the money, turns it over to the police
and resolves to go straight.  

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Directed by: Raoul Walsh

Written by:  
Frank L. Packard - story
Raoul Walsh - scenario

George Walsh ...  Dave Henderson
Regina Quinn ...  Teeresa Capriano
Mario Majeroni ...  Capriano
Paul Everton ...  Bokky Sharvan
James A. Marcus ...  Martin Tydeman (as J.A. Marcus)
Tom Walsh ...  Detective Barjan
Cesare Gravina ...  Tony Lomazzi
Robert Byrd ...  Millman
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Fox Film Corporation

Cinematography by: Joseph Ruttenberg

Length: 5 Reels
Released: September 26, 1920
~From Now On~
~W-11-58: George Walsh~
W-18-41 Regina Quinn and George Walsh in FROM NOW ON, 1920