~Friendly Enemies~
~B-16: Virginia Brown Faire & Louis Fields~
~B-19: Joe Weber & Eugenie Besserer~
~B-24: Eugenie Besserer~
~B-47: Louis Fields & Joe Weber~
~B-52: Nora Hayden & Johnny Fox~
~B-60: Lucille Lee Stewart & Eugenie Besserer~
~Plot Synopsis~
The comedy duo of Lew Fields and Joe Weber had parted ways for several years when they teamed
up once again for this picture, based on the 1917 play by Samuel Shipman and Aaron Hoffman. As
youths, Carl Pfeiffer (Fields) and Henry Block (Weber) came to America from Germany. Pfeiffer
became a wholesale shoe dealer, while Block became a banker. In spite of their lines of work, they
apparently save most oftheir energy for their unending arguments with each other. The latest
dispute involves the Great War (the film takes place in the days just before America became
involved). Block is completely patriotic towards his new country, while Pfeiffer wavers between
Germany and the U.S. When his son, William (Jack Mulhall), decides to enlist, Pfeiffer is upset. He
wants to keep the soldiers from going overseas, so he gives money to a fund run by Miller (Stuart
Holmes) for that purpose. What he doesn't realize is that Miller is a spy, and he uses the money to
sink the transport that is taking the soldiers to Europe. Pfeiffer is grief-stricken when he realizes he
helped kill his own son -- but then William reappears, unharmed. As a result, Pfeiffer teams up with
Block, who has joined the secret service, and Hilda Schwartz, another secret service agent (Lucille
Lee Stewart), to capture Miller. William marries Block's daughter, June (Virginia Brown Faire), and
their fathers go on to new quarrels.

Plot Synopsis from allmovie.com
Directed by: George Melford

Written by:
Alfred A. Cohn - Scene and titles
Josephine Quirk - Adaptation

Based on the play  Friendly Enemies  by Samuel Shipman and Aaron
Hoffman (New York, 22 Jul 1918).
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Belasco Productions

Distribution Company: Producers Distributing Corporation (PDC)

Produced by: David Belasco  
Cinematography by: Charles G. Clarke    

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 70 Minutes
Released: March 16, 1925

Joe Weber ... Henry Block
Lew Fields ... Carl Pfeiffer
Eugenie Besserer ... Mrs. Marie Pfeiffer
Virginia Brown Faire ... June Block
Jack Mulhall ... William Pfeiffer
Fred Kelsey ... Adolph
Stuart Holmes ... Miller
Lucille Lee Stewart ... Hilda Schwartz
Nora Hayden ... Nora
Jules Hanft ... Frederick Schnitzler
Johnny Fox ... Messenger boy
Edward Porter ... Naval officer