~Francis X. Bushman~

Born: January 10, 1883 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Died: August 23, 1966 in Pacific Palisades, CA, USA
~Silent Filmography~
Midnight Life (1928) .... Jim Logan
... aka Midnight Life (UK)
Say It with Sables (1928) .... John Caswell
... aka The Reckoning (UK)
The Grip of the Yukon (1928) .... Colby MacDonald
Una nueva y gloriosa nación (1928) .... Belgrano
... aka The Beautiful Spy (UK)
... aka The Charge of the Gauchos (USA: cut version)
The Man Higher Up (1928)
The Thirteenth Juror (1927) .... Henry Desmond
The Flag: A Story Inspired by the Tradition of Betsy Ross (1927) .... George Washington
... aka The Flag (USA: short title)
The Lady in Ermine (1927) .... Gen. Dostal
The Marriage Clause (1926) .... Barry Townsend
Playing the Swell (1926)
Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ (1925) .... Messala
... aka Ben-Hur (USA: short title)
The Masked Bride (1925) .... Grover
Modern Marriage (1923) .... Hugh Varley
According to Hoyle (1922)
Making the Grade (1922)
Smiling All the Way (1920) (uncredited) (unconfirmed) .... Doubtful Cameo Appearance

Daring Hearts (1919) .... Hugh Brown
God's Outlaw (1919) .... Andrew Craig
The Poor Rich Man (1918) .... Vantyne Carter
A Pair of Cupids (1918) .... Peter Warburton
... aka Both Members (reissue title)
Social Quicksands (1918) .... Warren Dexter
Cyclone Higgins, D.D. (1918) .... Cyrus 'Cyclone' Higgins, D.D.
With Neatness and Dispatch (1918) .... Paul Donaldson
The Brass Check (1918) .... Richard Trevor
Under Suspicion (1918) .... Gerry Simpson
Red, White and Blue Blood (1917) .... John Spaulding
The Voice of Conscience (1917) .... William Poatter/James Houston
The Adopted Son (1917) .... Two Gun Carter
Their Compact (1917) .... James Van Dyke Moore
The Great Secret (1917) .... William Montgomery Strong
Romeo and Juliet (1916/II) .... Romeo
In the Diplomatic Service (1916) .... Dick Stansbury
A Virginia Romance (1916)
The Voice in the Darkness (1916)
A Million a Minute (1916) .... Stephen Quaintance
The Wall Between (1916) .... Sergeant John Kendall
The Red Mouse (1916)
Man and His Soul (1916) .... John Conscience/John Power
Pennington's Choice (1915) .... Robert Pennington
The Silent Voice (1915) .... Franklyn Starr
The Second in Command (1915) .... Lt. Col. Miles Anstruther
Providence and Mrs. Urmy (1915) .... Barton the Chauffeur & Lord Chilminster
The Slim Princess (1915) .... Alexander H. Pike
Thirty (1915) .... Dick Thompson
The Return of Richard Neal (1915) .... Richard Neal
Graustark (1915) .... Grenfall Lorry
The Great Silence (1915) .... John Landon
Stars Their Courses Change (1915) .... Robert Cameron
The Accounting (1915) .... Gordon Bannock
Thirteen Down (1915) .... Arnold Austin
The Ambition of the Baron (1915) .... Count Jean de Lugnan
The Gallantry of Jimmy Rodgers (1915) .... Jimmy Rodgers
The Shanty at Trembling Hill (1915) .... Richard Scott
Any Woman's Choice (1914) .... The Mutual Friend
The Battle of Love (1914) .... Arthur Chandler
Every Inch a King (1914) .... King Liporie of Vidonia
The Fable of the Bush League Lover Who Failed to Qualify (1914) .... The Matinee Idol
Scars of Possession (1914) .... Payne Forsythe
The Prince Party (1914) .... Prince Francis of Fournia
The Unplanned Elopement (1914) .... Frank Melbourne
The Private Officer (1914) .... Harry Lampton/Lt. Frothingham
In the Glare of the Lights (1914) .... Glen Duval
The Other Man (1914) .... Harry Ross
A Splendid Dishonor (1914) .... Frank Sergeant
Sparks of Fate (1914) .... Frank Graham
The Plum Tree (1914) .... Craig Ewell
Under Royal Patronage (1914) .... Richard Savage
The Masked Wrestler (1914) .... Louis de Luzon
The Motor Buccaneers (1914)
One Wonderful Night (1914) .... John Delancey Curtis
His Stolen Fortune (1914) .... Frank Wentworth
The Night Hawks (1914) .... Humphrey
A Night with a Million (1914) .... Jack Wilton
Trinkets of Tragedy (1914) .... Harrison Hyde
The Countess (1914) .... Richard Hasbrook
Finger Prints (1914) .... Richard Neal
The Elder Brother (1914) .... Dr. Phillip Caldwell
Blood Will Tell (1914)
The Voice in the Wilderness (1914) .... The Author
Ashes of Hope (1914) .... Fred Willard
The Mystery of Room 643 (1914) .... Richard Neal
The Man for A' That (1914) .... Frank Willard
In the Moon's Ray (1914) .... Richard Neal
The Three Scratch Clue (1914) .... Norman Arnold
Shadows (1914/I) .... Secret Service Agent Grayson
The Other Girl (1914) .... Frank Dixon
Mongrel and Master (1914) .... Frank Mitchell
Dawn and Twilight (1914) .... Pietro Delani, a Blind Musician
The Girl at the Curtain (1914) .... Warren Bradley
Through the Storm (1914) .... Andy Burton
The Hour and the Man (1914) .... Frank Maxwell
Hearts and Flowers (1914/II) .... Mr. Swift
The Stigma (1913) .... Clifford Harvey
The Little Substitute (1913) .... The Child's Father
The Toll of the Marshes (1913) .... John Hammond
The Way Perilous (1913) .... The Young Man
Dear Old Girl (1913) .... Ted Warren, a student
Tony, the Fiddler (1913) .... Tony the Fiddler
... aka Antoine the Fiddler
For Old Time's Sake (1913/II) .... The Husband
The Right of Way (1913/I) .... Robertson
Sunlight (1913) .... Young Man
The Hermit of Lonely Gulch (1913) .... Bob Wayne, the Hermit
The Power of Conscience (1913) .... Reverend Stanley Waters
The Whip Hand (1913) .... The Suitor
A Brother's Loyalty (1913) .... Paul and Hal
Let No Man Put Asunder (1913)
Thus Saith the Lord (1913)
The Spy's Defeat (1913) .... Carl Heinrich
The Pathway of Years (1913) .... John Mason
A Mistaken Accusation (1913) .... Pietro
The Discovery (1913) .... Young Monion
The Farmer's Daughter (1913) .... Reginald Hoops Jr.
The Thirteenth Man (1913)
When Soul Meets Soul (1913) .... Prince Arames/Delaplane
Little Ned (1913)
The Virtue of Rags (1912) .... The Grouch
The Iron Heel (1912) .... Robert Gregg
The Penitent (1912) .... Bob Arling
House of Pride (1912) .... James Williams
When Wealth Torments (1912) .... Jim O'Brien
Chains (1912) .... Robert King
The Warning Hand (1912) .... Jack Wayne
The End of the Feud (1912/I) .... Jim Parker
The Voice of Conscience (1912/I) .... William Sherman
Neptune's Daughter (1912) .... Walter Fleming, an Artist
The Fall of Montezuma (1912) .... Hernando Cortez
Twilight (1912) .... Silas Grant
The Magic Wand (1912) .... Bronson
An Adamless Eden (1912) .... Adam Boob/Prince Augustus Busch
The Old Wedding Dress (1912) .... Bridegroom
The New Church Organ (1912) .... Austin Strong
Her Hour of Triumph (1912) .... Frederick Barton
The Understudy (1912) .... Bradley
Signal Lights (1912) .... Jim Drake
The Butterfly Net (1912) .... Lord Roxbury
White Roses (1912) .... Convict/Mr. Loring
Billy and the Butler (1912) .... Billy McGrath
Return of William Marr (1912) .... William Marr
The Passing Shadow (1912) .... The Homeless Tramp
The Mis-Sent Letter (1912) (unconfirmed)
The Laurel Wreath of Fame (1912) .... Guido Marcello
A Good Catch (1912)
The Eye That Never Sleeps (1912) .... Howard Mayne
Out of the Night (1912)
Napatia, the Greek Singer (1912) .... Billy Arnold
The Rivals (1912/II) .... Frank Garrison
Lonesome Robert (1912) .... Tom Morris
At the End of the Trail (1912/I) .... Tukish
Out of the Depths (1912) .... James Grey
The Little Black Box (1912) .... Boardman
Tracked Down (1912) .... Jim Ford
The Melody of Love (1912) .... Maurice Eaton
A Brother's Error (1912) .... First Brother
Alias Billy Sargent (1912)
The Old Florist (1912) .... Silas Hooper, The Old Florist
The Mail Order Wife (1912) .... John White
Daydream of a Photoplay Artist (1912)
The Goodfellow's Christmas Eve (1911) .... James Sawyer
The Madman (1911)
He Fought for the U.S.A. (1911) .... First Brother
Bill Bumper's Bargain (1911) .... Mephisto
A False Suspicion (1911) .... Richard, the Husband
Two Men and a Girl (1911/I)
Lost Years (1911/I) .... James Brown
Saved from the Torrents (1911) .... Arthur Chester
The Burglarized Burglar (1911) .... Charley Fortune-Hunter
The Dark Romance of a Tobacco Tin (1911) .... George M. Jackson
Putting It Over (1911) .... George Moore
Fate's Funny Frolic (1911) .... Richard Malcolm
Live, Love and Believe (1911) .... Harry Ainsworth
The Gordian Knot (1911) .... Harry Robbins
The New Manager (1911) .... Philip Carlton
God's Inn by the Sea (1911) .... Captain Crandal
Her Dad the Constable (1911) .... Tom Thornton
The Rosary (1911) .... Young Payne
His Friend's Wife (1911)
Francis X. Bushman was born in Norfolk, Virginia, January 10, 1885. He spent his early days there
and was educated at Ammondale College, Maryland. He was a great athlete, noted boxer and
wrestler. After leaving college he received a small role in a dramatic company. Entered motion
pictures in 1911 with Essanay, and at one time was the most popular screen actor. He was chosen by
Goldwyn to play the role of
Messala in the production of "Ben Hur." Height, five feet, eleven inches;
weight, 186 pounds. Brown hair and blue eyes. He is married to Beverly Bayne.
~Stars of the Photoplay, 1926~
Francis X. Bushman was one of the great lovers of the silent screen.

Bushman's rugged good looks and expansive, eye-catching gestures made him the "King of the
Movies" in an era that knew many film greats, including Charlie Chaplin, William S. Hart and
Douglas Fairbanks.

For nearly a decade prior to 1920, Bushman held sway over female emotions from coast to coast,
and national contests to determine the most popular male star fell to him without serious

He received more than a thousand letters a week from women during those years, and crowds
jammed theaters whenever he made a personal appearance.

At the peak of his Hollywood career he affected a lavender image — riding around in long, low
lavender automobile, attended by servants in lavender livery, and smoking lavender,
monogrammed cigaretts.

He was reputed to have made $6 million in five years , and he spent much of it during the same
period. His 280-acre estate sported 300 Great Dane dogs.

But women are fickle and they began turning their attentions elsewhere. Some blame it on the
public announcement that Bushman was married — a fact that had been kept secret for some time.

In any event, his film career declined sharply. He enjoyed a brief revival in Hollywood — as the
Roman Messala in one of the early film epics, "Ben-Hur" — but by the end of the 1920s was out of
movies once more.

He claimed a "misunderstanding" with film executives led to his temporary "blacklisting" in the
movie industry.

In 1932, he turned to radio and a new and successful career. In 1943, he finally made another movie,
"Wilson," disproving, he said, the predictions of old-time movie makers that his voice was
unsuitable for talkies. In the 1950s and 1960s, he became a mainstay on television with frequent
guest appearances.

— Eric Malnic in the Los Angeles Times Aug. 24, 1966
~The Los Angeles Times, 1966~
Interesting Note I received from Chris Bushman - grandson of Francis X. Bushman:

Speaking of errata, on the FXB page of your website, it starts out, "Born January 10, 1883 in
Baltimore, Maryland, USA".  Then below the picture it says, "...born in Norfolk, Virginia, January 10,
1885."  The first version is actually correct but there is an interesting story behind the second.  It was
a very big secret that he was married with 5 children.  Since he was the romantic leading man type,
he wasn't supposed to have a family.  The 1885 birth year and the Norfolk, Virginia location were
used in early press releases to throw the media off the trail and protect the secret.  He had a large
estate in Baltimore named "Bushmanor".

Chris Bushman, Colfax, California
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~1631-2/168: Francis X. Bushman~