~82-61: Milton Sills & Natalie Kingston~
~Plot Synopsis~
Based on the George W. Sutton Jr. story Dawn of My Tomorrow, Framed turned out to be another winner
for box-office "reliable" Milton Sills. The story begins with the court-martial of military officer Raoul Hilaire
(Sills); thanks to a series of explanatory subtitles, we know that Hilaire is innocent of all charges, but the
rest of the characters do not. Leaving France in disgrace, Hilaire heads to South America where he is hired
as overseer of a Brazilian diamond mine. He catches a native, Moola (Edward Piel), in the act of stealing a
diamond but does not expose him. Hilaire falls in love with Diane Laurens (Natalie Kingston), daughter of
the company official; but Remsen (Charles Gerrard), a thief, frames him for stealing diamonds, and he is
sent to a penal colony while Diane and her father are visiting in France. Remsen is later convicted and sent
to the same prison. There, when dying of fever, he confesses and proves Hilaire innocent. Hilaire is
released, finds Diane, and with her begins life anew in France.

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Directed by: Charles Brabin

Written by: Mary O'Hara - adaptation & screenplay

Based on the short story "The Dawn of My Tomorrow" by George W. Sutton,

Milton Sills ...  Etienne Hilaire
Natalie Kingston ...  Diane Laurens
E.J. Ratcliffe ...  Alphonse Laurens
Charles K. Gerrard ...  Arthur Remsen
Edward Peil Sr. ...  Moola
Burr McIntosh ...  Magistrate
Natli Barr ...  Lola
John Miljan ...  Lola's Husband
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: First National Pictures

Produced by: Ray Rockett

Director of Photography: Charles Van Enger  

Runtime: 60 minutes
Length ... 6 Reels
Released: June 29, 1927