~Four Sons~
~Plot Synopsis~
A Bavarian widow (Margaret Mann) with four sons loses them in the war one by one until only
Joseph (James Hall) is left. Having migrated to America, Joseph marries, opens a delicatessen,
starts a family, and survives the war fighting on the allied side. After the war, Joseph returns to
America and invites his mother to live with him and his family.  

Plot Synopsis from afi.com
Directed by: John Ford

Written by:
Herman Bing - uncredited
H.H. Caldwell - titles (uncredited)
Katherine Hilliker - titles (uncredited)
Philip Klein - adaptation

Based on the short story "Grandmother Bernle Learns Her Letters" by Ida
Alexa Ross Wylie in The Saturday Evening Post (11 Sep 1926).

Margaret Mann ...Mother Bernle
James Hall ...Joseph 'Dutch' Bernle
Charles Morton ...Johann Bernle
Francis X. Bushman, Jr. ...Franz Bernle (as Francis X. Bushman Jr.)
George Meeker ...Andreas Bernle
June Collyer ...Annabelle
Earle Foxe ...Maj. von Stomm
Albert Gran ...The postman
Frank Reicher ...The schoolmaster
Archduke Leopold of Austria ...A captain
Ferdinand Schumann-Heink ...A staff sergeant
Jack Pennick ...The Iceman (Joseph's American friend)
Frank Baker ...Soldier (uncredited)
George Blagoi ...Officer (uncredited)
Stanley Blystone ...Officer (uncredited)
Carl Boheme ...Officer (uncredited)
Harry Cording ...(uncredited)
Constant Franke ...Officer (uncredited)
Wendell Phillips Franklin ...James Henry (uncredited)
Hans Fuerberg ...Officer (uncredited)
Joseph W. Girard ...Ellis Island Examiner (uncredited)
Hans Joby ...Officer (uncredited)
Carmencita Johnson ...Baby (uncredited)
Bob Kortman ...German Barber (uncredited)
Hughie Mack ...Innkeeper (uncredited)
Michael Mark ...Von Stomm's Orderly (uncredited)
Tom McGuire ...Police Sergeant (uncredited)
Ruth Mix ...Johann's Girl (uncredited)
L.J. O'Connor ...Aubergiste (uncredited)
Robert Parrish ...Joseph's Son (uncredited)
Harry Tenbrook ...Officer (uncredited)
August Tollaire ...The Burgomeister (uncredited)
Tibor von Janny ...Officer (uncredited)
John Wayne ...Officer (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Fox Films Corporation

Producer: John Ford
Original Music by:
Carli Elinor (uncredited) & Erno Rapee (uncredited)
Cinematography by: Charles G. Clarke & George Schneiderman
Film Editing by: Margaret Clancey
Costume Design by: Kathleen Kay
Assistant Directors: R.L. Hough & Edward O'Fearna
John Wayne (uncredited)
Wardrobe: Sam Benson
Production Editors: H.H. Caldwell & Katherine Hilliker
Orchestrator: Maurice Baron
Music Arranger: S.L. Rothafel
Presenter: William Fox

Length: 10 Reels
Runtime: 100 Minutes
Released: February 13, 1928

Big as the Heart of Humanity
It's an amazingly interesting picture, this latest production by the man who made "Mother
Machree," "Hangman's House," "3 Bad Men" and "The Iron Horse."

Interesting in that the director has in one picture made a world celebrity of an unknown - an extra
girl repulsed and rebuffed for ten years in Hollywood.

They're calling Margaret Mann a sixty-year-old Cinderella. Patiently she worked and waited since
1917 for her big chance.

Opportunity knocked just once - and you should see the old lady grab the ball and run for a

Here is the one outstanding performance of the year! You'll love Margaret Mann. Keep an eye on
these four sons - the stars of tomorrow. Watch for Charles Morton in Murnau's forthcoming "4