~For Heaven's Sake~
~Plot Synopsis~
J. Harold Manners (The Uptown Boy - Harold Lloyd), a debonair young millionaire in search of a
downtown restaurant, passes an evangelist's coffee stand and accidentally starts a fire; Harold
contributes a thousand dollars for damages, which the evangelist uses to open a mission named for
the donor. Coming to protest this honor, Harold meets Hope (Jobyna Ralston), the evangelist's
daughter, and offers to help her bring in the poolroom toughs and gangsters. He draws them into a
chase, and with the aid of the police, he retrieves the property they have stolen. Harold's club
friends abduct him to prevent his marriage to Hope, but his slum cronies come to the club and
rescue him. The race back to the mission turns into a melee of trials and tribulations for Harold as
his inebriated friends wreak havoc; and at the mission Hope and Harold are married amidst the
cheers of the converts.

Plot Synopsis from afi.com
Directed by: Sam Taylor  

Written by:
Clyde Bruckman
John Grey - writer
Ralph Spence - titles
Ted Wilde - writer

Harold Lloyd ...  The Uptown Boy
Jobyna Ralston ...  The Downtown Girl - Hope
Noah Young ...  The Roughneck
Jim Mason ...  The Gangster (as James Mason)
Paul Weigel ...  The Optimist
Richard Daniels ...  Bum (uncredited)
Robert Dudley ...  Harold's secretary (uncredited)
Francis Gaspart ...  Man (uncredited)
Jack Herrick ...  Mug in straw hat (uncredited)
Earl Mohan ...  Bum (uncredited)
Blanche Payson ...  Lady on the street (uncredited)
Constantine Romanoff ...  Mug (uncredited)
Dick Rush ...  Cop (uncredited)
Oscar Smith ...  James, Manners' chauffeur (uncredited)
Charles Sullivan ...  Boxer in Pool Hall (uncredited)
Leo Willis ...  Mug who gets kicked (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: The Harold Lloyd Corporation

Distribution Company: Paramount Pictures

Producer: Harold Lloyd
Cinematography by: Walter Lundin
Film Editing by: Allen McNeil
Art Direction by: Liell K. Vedder
Production Manager: John L. Murphy
Assistant Director: Robert A. Golden
Photography Assistant: Henry N. Kohler
General Manager: William R. Fraser (as WM. R. Fraser)
Technical Director: William MacDonald (as WM. MacDonald)

Length: 6 Reels
Runtime: 60 Minutes (original print)
Released: April 5, 1926