~Forever After~
~P1461-19: Mary Astor & Lloyd Hughes~
~61-149: Lloyd Hughes & Mary Astor~
~Plot Synopsis~
Theodore Wayne (Lloyd Hughes), an infantry captain wounded at the front, recalls the highlights of
his earlier life: A schoolboy in an old New England town, he meets Jennie Clayton (Mary Astor),
daughter of a wealthy family, and they become constant sweethearts. Jack Randall (Hallam Cooley),
scion of a wealthy family, is the suitor favored by Jennie's mother (Eulalie Jensen), who wants her to
marry for wealth and position. For Jennie's sake, Ted goes to Harvard, though his father (Alec B.
Francis), an impractical lawyer, makes vital sacrifices to meet the expense; after his father's death,
he is forced to return home and support his mother. Convinced by Mr. Clayton (David Torrence),
Ted gives up Jennie and leaves with his mother (Lila Leslie) in an effort to forget. Jennie refuses to
marry Randall and joins the Red Cross in France. There in a hospital, she is reunited with Ted and
nurses him back to health. Their love is thus reaffirmed.  

Plot Synopsis from afi.com
Directed by: F. Harmon Weight

Written by:
Julien Josephson - adaptation
Paul Gangelin - continuity

Based on the novel Forever After by Owen Davis (New York, 1928).

Lloyd Hughes ...  Theodore Wayne
Mary Astor ...  Jennie Clayton
Hallam Cooley ...  Jack Randall
David Torrence ...  Mr. Clayton, Jennie's Father
Eulalie Jensen ...  Mrs. Clayton
Alec B. Francis ...  Mr. Wayne, Theodore's Father (as Alec Francis)
Lila Leslie ...  Mrs. Wayne
~Remaining Credits~

Produced by: First National Pictures

Released by: First National Pictures

Karl Struss ... Cinematographer
B.P. Fineman ....  production manager  

Length ... 7 Reels
Released: October 24, 1926