~Forbidden Fruit~
~Clarence Burton, Agnes Ayres & Kathlyn Williams~
~Plot Synopsis~
Forced to work because her wastrel husband, Steve, prefers to gamble, seamstress Mary Maddock
agrees to substitute for an ailing debutante at Mrs. Mallory's dinner in honor of oil magnate Nelson
Rogers. She makes a hit, and--angered at Steve--she accepts Mrs. Mallory's invitation to visit for a
few days. Steve persuades Pietro, the Mallory butler, to help him rob the Mallory safe; and Mary's
scream of recognition awakes Nelson, who releases Steve and pays him blackmail money because he
is Mary's husband. A quarrel between Steve and Pietro leads to Steve's death, Pietro's arrest, and
future happiness for Mary and Nelson.   

Plot Synopsis from afi.com
Directed by: Cecil B. DeMille

Written by:
Cecil B. DeMille - story "The Golden Chance"
Jeanie Macpherson - screenplay & story "The Golden Chance"

Agnes Ayres ...Mary Maddock
Clarence Burton ...Steve Maddock
Theodore Roberts ...James Harrington Mallory
Kathlyn Williams ...Mrs. Mallory
Forrest Stanley ...Nelson Rogers
Theodore Kosloff ...Pietro Giuseppe
Shannon Day ...Nadia Craig
Bertram Johns ...John Craig
Julia Faye ...Maid
William Boyd ...(uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Famous Players-Lasky Corporation

Distribution Company: Paramount Pictures

Producer: Cecil B. DeMille
Cinematography by: Alvin Wyckoff
Film Editing by: Anne Bauchens
Costume Design by: Mitchell Leisen, Natacha Rambova & Clare West
Supervisor: Howard Higgin
Presenter: Jesse L. Lasky

Length: 8 Reels
Runtime: 87 Minutes
Released: January 21, 1923
~Agnes Ayres~