~For Alimony Only~
~DM-2-7-101: Clive Brook & Leatrice Joy~
~Plot Synopsis~
A stormy marriage of 6 months between Narcissa (Lilyan Tashman) and Peter Williams (Clive
Brook) ends in a bitter quarrel, and to gain his freedom Peter offers her more alimony than he can
afford. Then he meets Mary Martin (Leatrice Joy), who restores his faith in marriage. With business
reverses, Peter falls behind in his alimony payments and neglects his new wife. Narcissa, however,
manages to support Bertie Waring (Casson Ferguson), a young sofa-hound; but she protests the
delayed alimony and Mary is forced to take a job with an interior decorating establishment. Peter
goes to Narcissa to appeal to her generosity, at the moment when Mary (unaware of Narcissa's
identity as her husband's first wife) is working in Narcissa's apartment; seeing them together, Mary
leaves in humiliation and accepts an invitation from Bertie. Determined to take revenge on the
woman who has "stolen her sweetheart," Narcissa follows the couple to a roadhouse; Peter arrives,
and during a police raid Mary suggests that Narcissa is engaged to Bertie. Rather than face jail, they
get married, thus cutting off their means of support--alimony.  

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Directed by: William C. DeMille

Written by: Lenore J. Coffee - story & scenario

Leatrice Joy ...  Mary Martin Williams
Clive Brook ...  Peter Williams
Lilyan Tashman ...  Narcissa Williams
Casson Ferguson ...  Bertie Waring
Toby Claude ...  The Maid
André Cheron ...  Shop Manager (uncredited)
Harry Semels ...  Cop (uncredited)
Florence Wix ...  Christmas Party Guest (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Produced by: DeMille Pictures Corporation

Released by: Producers Distributing Corporation (PDC)

Cinematography by: Arthur C. Miller
Film Editing by: Adelaide Cannon
Art Direction by: Max Parker
Custom Design by: Adrian
Unit Manager: George Hippard
Presenter: John C. Flinn

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 70 minutes
Premiere: New York, September 20, 1926
Released: November 8, 1926
~D.M.-2-33: Leatrice Joy & Clive Brook~