~Flora Parker DeHaven~

Born: September 1, 1883 in Perth Amboy, New Jersey, USA
Died: September 9, 1950 in Hollywood, California, USA
~A Biography for Flora Parker DeHaven is coming soon!~
~Silent Filmography~
The Panic's On (1923) (as Mrs. Carter DeHaven)
Rice and Old Shoes (1923) (as Mrs. Carter DeHaven)
Borrowed Trouble (1923) (as Mrs. Carter De Haven)
Private -- Keep Off (1923) (as Mrs. Carter DeHaven)
Say It with Diamonds (1923) (as Mrs. Carter DeHaven)
A Waggin' Tale (1923) (as Mrs. Carter DeHaven)
Christmas (1923) (as Mrs. Carter DeHaven) .... Florence Carter
Keep 'Em Home (1922) (as Mrs. Carter DeHaven)
Entertaining the Boss (1922) (as Mrs. Carter DeHaven)
Twin Husbands (1922) (as Mrs. Carter DeHaven)
Their First Vacation (1922) (as Mrs. Carter DeHaven)
Marry the Poor Girl (1921) (as Mrs. Carter De Haven) .... Julia
My Lady Friends (1921) (as Mrs. Carter De Haven) .... Catherine Smith
The Girl in the Taxi (1921) (as Mrs. Carter De Haven) .... Mignon Smith
Twin Beds (1920) .... Blanche Hawkins
Am I Dreaming? (1920)
Spirits (1920) (as Mrs. Carter DeHaven)
Kids Is Kids (1920) (as Mrs. Carter DeHaven)
Never Again (1920)
Vacation Time (1920)
A Model Husband (1920)
Beating Cheaters (1920) (as Mrs. Carter DeHaven)
Spring (1920)
What Could Be Sweeter (1920)
Rare Bits (1920)
... aka Rarebits (USA: copyright title)
Teasing the Soil (1920) (as Mrs. Carter DeHaven)
Forget-Me-Not (1920)
Hoodooed (1920) (as Mrs. Carter DeHaven)
Excess Baggage (1920)
A Sure Cure (1919)
... aka The Sure Cure (USA: copyright title)
The Little Dears (1919)
Moving Day (1919)
Why Divorce? (1919)
Honeymooning (1919)
Close to Nature (1919)
After the Bawl (1919)
Their Day of Rest (1919)
In a Pinch (1919)
Perils of the Parlor (1918)
A Five Foot Ruler (1917)
Where Are My Trousers? (1917)
A Novel Romance (1917)
The Losing Winner (1917)
Behind Life's Stage (1916)
The Whirlpool of Destiny (1916) .... Polly Martin
The Seekers (1916) .... Ruth Heck
The Madcap (1916) .... Flora Fairbanks
A Youth of Fortune (1916) .... Mary
The Wrong Door (1916) .... Fern Hardy, aka Miss Frou Frou
The College Orphan (1915) .... Daisy Woods
Asks reduction of Alimony---"Why  
I Never Heard of Such a Thing!"
gasped the court when Mrs. Carter
D. Haven, actress and divorced wife
of the comedian, appeared with a
petition for reduction of her
alimony from Carter De Haven, she
explained that while she had been
given custody of the children, De
Haven was taking them on the
stage, and "I want to help him." -
October 4, 1929