~Flaming Love~
~aka Frivolous Sal~
~Eugene O'Brien & Mae Busch

Eugene O'Brien ...  Roland Keene
Mae Busch ...  Sal Flood
Ben Alexander ...  Benny Keene
Tom Santschi ...  Steve McGregor
Mitchell Lewis ...  Osner
Mildred Harris ...  Chita
~Tom Santschi~
~Mae Busch & Eugene O'Brien~
~Plot Synopsis~
After his wife dies, Roland Keene (Eugene O'Brien) finds work as an actor with a road company,
provided that he give up cards and liquor. The troupe has a poor season, and Keene is stranded in a
mining town in Placer Valley. He meets Sal Flood (Mae Busch) there, and they are soon engaged,
bringing west Keene's young son, Benny (Ben Alexander), for the wedding. Sal leaves the operation
of her saloon to Keene, devoting herself to winning Benny's love and affection. Keene soon resumes
his heavy drinking and is constantly cheated at cards by a professional gambler named Osner
(Mitchell Lewis). Despite the interference of Steve McGregor (Tom Santschi), a mining
superintendent, Keene continues to lose heavily to Osner; and, eventually, in order to pay off his
IOU's, Keene is forced by the gambler to help him rob the saloon safe of McGregor's mining payroll.
Benny sees his father steal the money and is injured by the blast from the dynamite used by Osner
to blow the safe; but Benny still has faith in his father and, the following day, lies to the sheriff
rather than implicate Keene. Keene is overcome with remorse for Benny's injuries and sets out to
bring back the stolen gold. He tracks down Osner, and the two fight in the car of an aerial tramway.
Osner falls to his death, Keene returns the gold, and he is pardoned and happily reunited with his

Plot Synopsis from afi.com
Directed by: Victor Schertzinger

Written by:
J.K. McDonald - story
Lois Zellner - writer
~Tom Santschi & Eugene O'Brien~
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: J.K. McDonald Productions

Distribution Company: First National Pictures

Cinematography by: Chester A. Lyons & George Richter
Film Editing by: Beth Matz & Robert R. Snody

Length: 8 Reels
Runtime: 80 Minutes
Released: January 4, 1925