~Fireman, Save My Child~
~1071-94:  Josephine Dunn~
"Elmer and Sam, childhood chums, meet later in life and by a trick of fate become members of the fire
department. They manage to rescue a parrot, prized possession of the Chief's daughter, Dora, and
later, when an alarm rings for a second fire in the Chief's home, they succeed in effecting the rescue
of a figure wrapped in a blanket--Captain Kennedy." ( Moving Picture World, 10 Dec 1927, p41.)  

Wallace Beery ...  Elmer
Raymond Hatton ...  Sam
Josephine Dunn ...  Dora Dumston
Tom Kennedy ...  Captain Kennedy
Roland Drew ...  Walter
Joseph W. Girard ...  Chief Dumston
Thelma Todd ...  uncredited
~Plot Synopsis~
Directed by: A. Edward Sutherland

Written by:
Monte Brice - writer
Thomas J. Geraghty - writer
~Remaining Credits~

Produced by: Paramount Famous Lasky Corporation

Released by: Paramount Pictures

Produced by: Adolph Zukor  
Produced by: Jesse L. Lasky
Associate Producer: B. P. Schulberg
Director of Photography: H. Kinley Martin
Production Manager: B.P. Fineman  

Runtime: 60 minutes
Length: 6 Reels
Released: August 1, 1927
~1071-2/21A: Josephine Dunn~