~Fighting the Flames~
~William Haines, Frankie Darro & Dorothy Devore~

William Haines ...  Horatio Manly Jr
Dorothy Devore ...  Alice Doran
Frankie Darro ...  Mickey
David Torrence ...  Judge Manly
Sheldon Lewis ...  Big Jim
William Welsh ...  Charlie Ryan
Charles Murray ...  Pawnbroker
Directed by: B. Reeves Eason

Written by:
Walter Anthony - titles
Douglas Z. Doty - screenplay & story
Horatio Manly (William Haines), the only son of Judge Manly (David Torrence), is disowned by his
father when he is thrown in the drunk tank for obstructing the work of several firemen during a
hotel blaze. When Horatio is released the following day, he meets Mickey (Frankie Darro), a street
urchin, whose father has been arrested as a sneak thief. Horatio and Mickey become fast friends,
and Horatio joins the fire department. When a fire breaks out in the city jail, Mickey's father
escapes, begins searching for his child, and finds him in a beanery having lunch with Alice (Dorothy
Devore), a friend of Horatio's. Mickey's father tries to grab the child, but Alice prevents this seizure
by pushing him against a hot stove. Alice and the boy escape from the badly burned father, but the
degraded fellow follows Mickey back to Alice's boardinghouse, where he traps both Alice and the
boy in her room. A fire breaks out in the building, trapping all three of them on the top floor.
Horatio's company is called to the scene, and he rescues Alice and the boy and captures Mickey's

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~Plot Synopsis~
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Columbia Pictures Corporation

Distribution Company: Columbia Pictures

Cinematography by: Dewey Wrigley

Length: 6 Reels
Runtime: 55 Minutes
Released: August 23, 1925