~H-S-145: Charles Farrell & Greta Nissen~
~H-S-107: Charles Farrell & John Boles~

Charles Farrell ...  Prince Fazil
Greta Nissen ...  Fabienne
John Boles ...  John Clavering
Mae Busch ...  Helen Dubreuze
Tyler Brooke ...  Jacques Dubreuze
John T. Murray ...  Gondolier
Vadim Uraneff ...  Ahmed
Josephine Borio ...  Aicha
Eddie Sturgis ...  Rice
Erville Alderson ...  Iman Idris
Dale Fuller ...  Zouroya - Keeper of the Harem
Hank Mann ...  Ali - the Eunuch
Gino Corrado ...  Sultan's Messenger (uncredited)
Sally Eilers ...  Harem Girl (uncredited)
Constantine Romanoff ...  Executioner (uncredited)
Directed by: Howard Hawks

Written by:
Philip Klein - adaptation
Seton I. Miller - writer

Based on the short story "L'Insoumise" by Pierre Frondaie in  La Petite
Illustration's Library of Plays,  no. 80 (Paris, 1922).
Prince Fazil (Charles Farrell), an Arab chieftain, marries Fabienne (Greta Nissen), a carefree
Parisienne, but once she is subjected to the rigors of desert life, she rebels and in doing so
precipitates a quarrel. Prince Fazil leaves her for his beloved desert and establishes a harem. Her
jealousy aroused, Fabienne returns to him and compels the desert maidens to disperse. The prince
denounces her actions, and when a rescue party arrives to save Fabienne, he is mortally wounded;
but before dying he poisons her, and they are united in death.  

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~Plot Synopsis~
~Remaining Credits~
Production & Distributed by : Fox Film Corporation

Cinematography by: L. William O'Connell
Film Editing by: L. William O'Connell
Assistant Director: James Tinling
Presenter: William Fox   

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 113 minutes
Released: June 4, 1928
~H-S-191: Charles Farrell & Greta Nissen~