~Father And The Boys~
~Lon Chaney, far left, and the cast of "Father and the Boys,"
1915. Star Digby Bell is front row, center, holding hat.~
~Photograph contributed by Richard Day Gore~
~Plot Synopsis~
Wealthy stockbroker Lemuel Morewood (Digby Bell) wants his sons, Billy (Harry Ham) and Tom
(Colin Chase), to learn the business and marry Emily Donelson (Yona Landowska) and Frances
Berkeley (Mae Gaston), respectively. Billy, however, is infatuated with Mrs. Bruce Guilford, a leader
of the "smart set," while Tom loves boxing. At a dinner for which Lemuel hires Bessie Brayton
(Louise Lovely), an orphan from the West, to entertain, Lemuel responds to Bessie's taunts about
being old-fashioned by winning a lot of money gambling with Major Bellamy Didsworth (Hayward
Mack), who tries to swindle Bessie, and leaves with her to spend it. Mrs. Guilford sees them
together at the races and, thinking their conduct scandalous, breaks with Billy. When Lemuel leaves
with Bessie for Nevada, Billy and Tom, who believe that Bessie is an adventuress, follow with
Frances and Emily, to whom they become engaged. After learning that Lemuel only left to help
Bessie, who is going to marry another man, get $75,000 for a supposedly worthless mine, the boys
agree to concentrate on business.  

Plot Synopsis from afi.com
Directed by: Joseph De Grasse

Written by: Ida May Park

Based on the play Father and the Boys by George Ade (New York, 2 Mar

Digby Bell ...  Lemuel Morewood
Louise Lovely ...  Bessie Brayton
Harry Ham ...  William Rufus Morewood
Colin Chase ...  Thomas Jefferson Morewood
Yona Landowska ...  Emily Donelson
Mae Gaston ...  Frances Berkeley
Lon Chaney ...  Tuck Bartholomew
Hayward Mack ...  Maj. Bellamy Didsworth
Didsworth H. Davenport ...  Tobias Ford (as H. Davenport)
Tom Chatterton
Doc Crane
Jean Hathaway
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Universal Film Manufacturing Company

Cinematography by: Edward Ullman

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Released: December 20, 1915