~ML2-9: Robert Frazer & Mae Murray~
~Plot Synopsis~
Dolores de Lisa (Mae Murray), an impulsive American girl living with her aunt (Emily Fitzroy) in
Spain, disguises herself in a holiday costume and slips away to a bullfight during Easter celebration.
She is fascinated by the toreador Carrita (Robert Frazer), and an introduction is offered by Count de
Morera (Courtenay Foote), provided that she attend a party at his home that evening. There she
captures the heart of Carrita by her interpretation of "La Danza del Toro," while her aunt receives
word of the arrival of her father (Charles Lane), brother (Creighton Hale), and fiancé (Vincent
Coleman) from America. Her father finds her in the company of Parola (Helen Ware, a cabaret
entertainer, with whom he had previously been linked, and Parola attempts to blackmail him, telling
Dolores that he is Carrita's father. Carrita, in an attempt to revenge his wrongs, tries to kill him, but
Dolores receives the toreador's knife, though the wound does not prove fatal. Parola confesses her
mendacity, and Dolores begs Ralph, her sweetheart, to help her overcome her fascination with the

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Directed by: Robert Z. Leonard

Written by: Edmund Goulding

Mae Murray ...  Dolores de Lisa
Creighton Hale ...  Carlos de Lisa (her brother)
Charles Lane ...  Eduardo de Lisa (her father)
Emily Fitzroy ...  The Marquesa de Lisa (her aunt)
Robert Frazer ...  Carrita (a toreador)
Vincent Coleman ...  Ralph Kellogg (an American)
Courtenay Foote ...  The Count de Morera
Helen Ware ...  Parola (a dancer)
Frank Puglia ...  Nema
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Tiffany Productions

Distribution Company: Metro Pictures Corporation

Produced by: Robert Z. Leonard
Cinematography by: Oliver T. Marsh
Art Sets by: Charles L. Cadwallader

Length: 8 Reels
Runtime: 80 Minutes
Released: April 10, 1922