~Fair Lady~
~111-13: Betty Blythe~
~Plot Synopsis~
In Sicily, Cardi , a Mafia leader of unknown identity, sends warnings to Countess Margherita (Betty
Blythe) that she must not marry Count Martinello (Effingham Pinto). En route to the wedding
Martinello is murdered by Cardi's band, and Norvin Blake (Robert Elliott), a wounded young
American, makes his way to the countess and breaks the news, and she swears to avenge the death
of her beloved. Several years later, in New Orleans, Margherita, posing as a nurse, meets Blake, and
he declares his love for her. Recognizing Norcone (Walter James), a giant laborer, as the leader of
the band that killed Martinello, Blake has him arrested after engaging him in a hand-to-hand fight.
Maruffi, a suitor for the hand of Margherita, is discovered to be Cardi. The Italian-Sicilian colony is
aroused against him, and during a fight between Blake and Cardi, the latter is stabbed by
Margherita's maid; Blake finally wins Margherita.  

Plot Synopsis from afi.com
Directed by: Kenneth S. Webb

Written by: Dorothy Farnum - scenario

Based on the novel The Net by Rex Beach (New York, 1912).

Betty Blythe ...  Countess Margherita
Thurston Hall ...  Italian banker
Robert Elliott ...  Norvin Blake
Gladys Hulette ...  Myra Nell Drew
Florence Auer ...  Lucrezia
Walter James ...  Gian Norcone
Macey Harlam ...  Count Modene
Henry Leone ...  Ricardo
Effingham Pinto ...  Count Martinello
Arnold Lucy ...  Uncle Bernie Drew
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Bennett Productions

Distribution Company: United Artists

Produced by: Whitman Bennett
Cinematography by: Edward Paul & Harry Stradling Sr.

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 70 Minutes
Released: March 19, 1922