~Eye for Eye~

Alla Nazimova ...  Hassouna
Charles Bryant ...  Captain de Cadiere
Donald Gallaher ...  Ensign Arnauld
Sally Crute ...  Madame Helene de Cadiere
E.L. Fernandez ...  Taieb
John Reinhardt ...  Paul Lecroix
Louis Stern ...  The Sheik
Charles Eldridge ...  Tootit, the Clown
Hardee Kirkland ...  Rambert, Circus Proprietor
Miriam Battista ...  Hassouna's Little Sister
William A. Cohill
William T. Carleton   
Anita Brown   
Barry Whitcomb
~Alla Nazimova~
Directed by:
Albert Capellani
Alla Nazimova

Written by:
June Mathis - writer
Albert Capellani - writer

Based on the play L'Occident by Henry Kistemaeckers (Paris, 4 Nov
Hassouna (Alla Nazimova), the sheik's daughter, helps a French soldier, Captain de Cadiere
(Charles Bryant), escape from the Bedouins, and because of her betrayal is left to die in the desert.
The girl is captured by a wandering tribe and sold to Rambert (Hardee Kirkland), a circus
proprietor who has been looking for a dancer. Cadiere sees her at the circus and adopts her despite
the protests of his wife Helene (Sally Crute). Hassouna, who loves Cadiere, consoles him after his
wife elopes with another man, but her love turns to hatred when she learns from Taieb (E.L.
Fernandez), her former suitor, that the captain was responsible for the death of her family. She
plans to exact her revenge by ruining the reputation of Ensign Arnauld (Donald Gallaher), Cadiere's
beloved nephew, but learns in time that Taieb's accusations were false and that her love for Cadiere
is too great to do him harm.

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~Plot Synopsis~
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Nazimova Productions

Distribution Company: Metro Pictures Corporation

Produced by: Alla Nazimova
Cinematography by: Eugene Gaudio
Assistant Director: Henri Ménessier
Presenter: Maxwell Karger
Supervisor: Maxwell Karger
Presenter: Richard A. Rowland
Title Designer: David Anthony Tauszky

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 70 Minutes
Released: December 22, 1918