~306-7: Violet Heming & Clara Horton~
~306-29: Irving Cummings & Violet Heming~
~306-37: Theodore Roberts & Violet Heming - to the right of photograph~
~306-49: (L to R) Wanda Hawley, Clara Horton, Margaret Loomis, Edythe Chapman, Charles Ogle
& Violet Heming~
~Plot Synopsis~
Allegory is a storytelling form little used in cinema today, but it popped up frequently during the
silent era, especially before the '20s kicked in. This particular film was based on a morality play by
Walter Browns. A girl (Violet Heming) auctioning a kiss at a charity bazaar is offered a chance to
become an actress by two stage managers. After getting advice from three girlfriends, she awakens
the next morning as Everywoman. Her friends have become Modesty (Margaret Loomis), Youth
(Clara Horton), and Beauty (Wanda Hawley), and the stage managers have become Bluff (Noah
Beery) and Stuff (Jay Dwiggins). She turns down a proposal from a struggling physician after
Flattery (Raymond Hatton) convinces her to go on the Stage of Life and seek Love. When she
mistakes Passion (Irving Cummings), an actor, for Love, Modesty leaves her, but she rejects Passion
when she discovers that he wants her only when Beauty and Youth are present. Passion has
Dissipation (Fred Huntley) steal Beauty, whereupon Bluff and Stuff desert Everywoman. After
losing Youth to Time (Charles Ogle), Everywoman tries to sell herself to Wealth (Theodore
Roberts), a millionaire, but he spurns her. With Nobody (James Neill) as her only friend, she follows
Truth (Edythe Chapman) home where she discovers the son of Truth, the physician, is the Love
(Monte Blue) she seeks. Modesty returns soon followed by Beauty. ). Although the premise to this
film sounds corny now, some of the casting still fascinates; the dark, delectable Bebe Daniels is a
fetching choice for Vice!

Plot Synopsis is a combination of plot synopses from allmovie.com & afi.com
Directed by: George Melford

Written by: Will M. Ritchey
Based on the play Everywoman by Walter Browne (New York, 27 Feb

Theodore Roberts ...  Wealth
Violet Heming ...  Everywoman
Clara Horton ...  Youth
Wanda Hawley ...  Beauty
Margaret Loomis ...  Modesty
Mildred Reardon ...  Conscience
Edythe Chapman ...  Truth
Bebe Daniels ...  Vice
Monte Blue ...  Love
Irving Cummings ...  Passion
James Neill ...  Nobody
Raymond Hatton ...  Flattery
Lucien Littlefield ...  Lord Witness
Noah Beery ...  Bluff
Jay Dwiggins ...  Stuff
Tully Marshall ...  Puff
Robert Brower ...  Age
Charles Ogle ...  Time
Fred Huntley ...  Dissipation
Clarence Geldart ...  Auctioneer
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Famous Players-Lasky Corporation

Cinematography by: Paul P. Perry    
Assistant Director: W.N. Sherer  
Art Titles Sculpture: Willie Hopkins
Photographer (Titles and Inserts): Loren Taylor
Presenter: Jesse L. Lasky

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 70 Minutes
Released: December 30, 1919
~306-4: James Neill, Theodore Roberts & Violet Heming~
~Director George Melford & Violet Heming~
~306-13: Violet Heming, Clara Horton, Wanda Hawley & Charles Ogle~
~306-14: Violet Heming~
~306-20: Violet Heming~
~L306-28: Irving Cummings & Violet Heming~
~L306-30: Wanda Hawley, Violet Heming & Margaret Loomis~
~L306-41: Violet Heming, Robert Brower & Clara Horton~
~L306-47: Edythe Chapman, Charles Ogle & Violet Heming~
~L306-56: Violet Heming~
~L306-56: Violet Heming~