~Edna Marion~

Born: December 12, 1906 in Chicago, Illinois, USA
Died: December 2, 1957 in Hollywood, California, USA
~Images on this page courtesy of Peter Mikkelsen~
~Screenland, September 1927~
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Even in Hollywood, a city of over-night wealth and sudden fame, there is one girl who can well
pinch herself to make sure she is not dreaming, -nor dead. That girl is Edna Marion. Though she is
neither in the fortunate position of having become wealthy over night nor suddenly famous, yet she
has ascended in her Number 3 B's to a height above the mob of the struggling and the unsuccessful,
and there is no telling how high she will go. Wampas Baby Star in 1926, featured in Christie
Comedies in 1927, working hard, hoping and alive! Let us tell you about it.

Three specialists looked at her a little over two years ago in New York City, shook their heads over
her seventy pounds, and said she might live two weeks. She had gone to High School in New York
and had even played hooky once or twice to work as an extra on Long Island, but all this had to stop
when she became so ill. The doctors couldn't say just what the nature of her ailment was, but they
agreed upon the hopelessness of her case. Edna was the most hopeless of all with this depressing
manifesto from the medical men.

Picking out California as a more comfortable place to die than new York, Edna found that something
in the climate or the surroundings made her feel better, and in two months she weighed ninety
pounds. Edna here makes it emphatic that she does not recommend California to everybody on the
strength of her own miraculous case. In a short time she felt so well that she wanted to go to work,
movies being the first choice. For about a year she played in Stern Brothers Comedies, and then she
was signed by Al Christie. Did you see "Dodging Trouble" or "Cash and Carry" or "Giddy Gobblers"?
In those Christie Comedies the blond eye-full playing opposite Neal Burns was Edna Marion, a
ninety-eight pound young starlet in the ascendancy, a young lady for whom Mr. Al Christie predicts
a great future, and a healthy young actress who counts the calories at luncheon to keep those
ninety-eight pounds below the hundred mark!

Courtesy of Peter Mikkelsen
~Silent Filmography~
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Sugar Daddies (1927) .... Daughter
The Sting of Stings (1927) .... Edna
... aka A Treat for the Boys (UK)
For Ladies Only (1927) .... Gertie Long
Keeping His Word (1927) (as Edna Marian)
She's My Cousin (1927) (as Edna Marian)
Busy Lizzie (1927)
Readin', 'Ritin', 'Rithmetic (1926)
The Call of the Wilderness (1926) .... Dorothy Deveau - Land Agent's Daughter
Dodging Trouble (1926)
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A Haunted Heiress (1926)
The Still Alarm (1926) .... Drina Fay
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Say It with Love (1926) (as Edna Marian)
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Eighteen Carat (1925) (as Edna Marian)
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My Baby Doll (1925) (as Edna Marian)
Her Daily Dozen (1925) (as Edna Marian)
Broadway Beauties (1924/I)
~Edna Marion & Lupe Valez~