~Easy To Make Money~
~Gertrude Selby & Bert Lytell~
~Bert Lytell, Frank Currier & Gertrude Selby~

Bert Lytell ...  James 'Jimmy' Frederick Slocum Jr.
Gertrude Selby ...  Ethel Wheeler
Frank Currier ...  James Frederick Slocum Sr.
Stanton Heck ...  Henry Fowler
Ethel Shannon ...  Katherine Fowler
Edward Connelly ...  Jasper Kennedy
Bull Montana ...  Charles 'Kid' Miller
Hal Wilson
Directed by: Edwin Carewe

Written by:
John Blackwood - story
Finis Fox - writer
Jimmy Slocum (Bert Lytell), whose wealthy father (Frank Currier) continually pays his speeding
fines and loses bets to him, wins a $1,000 bet with his father that Katherine Fowler (Ethel
Shannon), whom his father wants him to marry, does not love him. Jimmy then wins a $25,000 bet
that he can keep from being arrested more than once in the coming year by getting a twelve-month
jail sentence for fighting in a bar and then sassing the judge. He is released early, however, due to
his father's efforts and vows to succeed on his own. He gets stranded in a small town where he falls
in love with Ethel Wheeler (Gertrude Selby), the owner of a rundown hotel, and with her makes a
fortune selling mineral water found on her property. When the town banker tries to foreclose on
them, Jimmy opens his own bank with the $25,000, marries Ethel and gains the respect of his
father for his success.  

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~Plot Synopsis~
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: MGM

Cinematography by: Robert Kurrle

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Released: August 4, 1919