~The Drop Kick~
~91-245: Richard Barthelmess & Barbara Kent~

Richard Barthelmess ...  Jack Hamill
Barbara Kent ...  Cecily Graves
Dorothy Revier ...  Mrs. Eunice Hathaway
Eugene Strong ...  Brad Hathaway
Alberta Vaughn ...  Molly
James Bradbury Jr. ...  Bones
Brooks Benedict ...  Ed Pemberton
Hedda Hopper ...  Mrs. Hamill
Mayme Kelso ...  Mrs. Graves
George C. Pearce ...  The Dean
Bill Elliott ...  Aggressive Student at Dance (uncredited)
Al Hill ...  Jack's Buddy at Dance (uncredited)
John Wayne ...  Football Player / Extra in Stands (uncredited)
Directed by: Millard Webb

Written by: Winifred Dunn

Based on the novel Glitter by Katherine Brush (New York, 1926).
Serious complications result for college football star Jock Hamill (Richard Barthelmess) when he is
vamped by his coach's wife, Eunice Hathaway (Dorothy Reveir), a former sweetheart. The coach
commits suicide after his wife's extravagance drives him to embezzlement, Eunice tricks Jock into
promising marriage, and Jock is suspected of murdering the coach. Greatly worried and shunned by
his fellow students, Jock nearly loses the big game; but he finally comes through with a timely drop
kick, his mother exposes the truth, and Jock is reunited with his true love, Cecily Graves (Barbara

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~Plot Synopsis~
~91-128: Richard Barthelmess~
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: First National Pictures

Cinematography by: Arthur Edeson & Alvin Knechtel

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 62 minutes
Released: September 25, 1927