~Dream Street~
~Plot Synopsis~
Gypsy Fair (Carol Dempster), a music hall dancer, is admired by Spike McFadden (Ralph Graves), a
swaggering bully with a golden voice, and his brother, Billy (Charles Emmett Mack), a timid and frail
composer and poet. She is also coveted by Swan Way (Edward Peil Sr.), a Chinaman who seeks
vengeance when Gypsy not only rejects him but reveals his secret gambling den. One of Swan Way's
followers attempts to rob Billy, and when the boy kills him, Spike assumes guilt for the crime and
Swan Way makes it appear that Gypsy has betrayed him to the police. At the inquest, Billy saves
Spike by a last-minute confession and is acquitted on a verdict of self-defense. Billy achieves fame
as a composer, while Spike and Gypsy sign a contract with an important theatrical production.  

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Written & Directed by: D.W. Griffith

Based on the short stories "Gina of Chinatown" and "The Lamp in the
Window," in Limehouse Nights by Thomas Burke (London, 1916).

Carol Dempster ... Gypsy Fair
Charles Emmett Mack ... Billy McFadden
Ralph Graves ... James Spike McFadden
Edward Peil Sr. ... Swan Way
Tyrone Power Sr. ... Street Preacher
Morgan Wallace ... Masked Violinist
William J. Ferguson ... Gypsy's Father
George Neville ... Tom Chudder
Charles Slattery ... Police Inspector
Porter Strong ... Samuel Jones
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: D.W. Griffith Productions

Distribution Company: United Artists

Produced by: D.W. Griffith
Cinematography by: Hendrik Sartov
Film Editing by: James Smith & Rose Smith
Art Direction by: C. Blythe Sherwood
Set Decoration by: Charles M. Kirk

Runtime: 102 Minutes
Released: April 25, 1921