~Down On The Farm~
~Plot Synopsis~
When The Sportive Banker (James Finlayson) comes to collect the mortgage from The Girl's Father,
he proposes that The Girl (Louise Fazenda) could be bartered for the payment. However, The Girl is
in love with The Rustic Sweetheart (Harry Gribbon), and to foil The Sportive Banker's plans, she
forges a letter purporting that she has been compromised by The Man of Mystery (Billy Armstrong).
The Sportive Banker schemes to use the letter to disrupt The Girl's wedding plans to The Rustic
Sweetheart, but in his eagerness he drops a letter that he has stolen, which notifies The Girl that she
has inherited $100,000. The Rustic Sweetheart forgives The Girl the compromising letter, but The
Man of Mystery appears and testifies that he wrote no such letter. The Girl and The Rustic
Sweetheart then marry and with her inheritance secure the mortgage.  

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Directed by:
Ray Grey
F. Richard Jones
Erle C. Kenton

Written by:
Ray Grey - writer
Raymond Griffith - writer
Mack Sennett - writer

Louise Fazenda ...  The Girl
Harry Gribbon ...  The Rustic Sweetheart
Bert Roach ...  Her Father
Eva Thatcher   
James Finlayson ...  The Sportive Banker
Billy Armstrong ...  The Man of Mystery
Don Marion ...  The Baby (as John Henry Jr.)
Phyllis Haver
Marie Prevost ...  The Faithful Wife
Mildred June   
Harriet Hammond   
Ben Turpin ...  Her Husband
Jane Allen   
Thelma Bates   
Joseph Belmont   
Elva Diltz   
Frank Earle   
Virginia Fox   
Eddie Gribbon   
Fanny Kelly   
Patrick Kelly   
Kathryn McGuire   
Charles Murray   
Kalla Pasha   
Sybil Seely  (as Sibye Trevilla)
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Mack Sennett Comedies

Distributed by: United Artists

Produced by: Mack Sennett
Cinematography by: Perry Evans & Fred Jackman
Mack Sennett
Supervisor: Mack Sennett

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Released: April 25, 1920