~Dorothy Sebastian~

Born: April 26, 1903 in Birmingham, Alabama, USA
Died: April 8, 1957 in Woodland Hills, CA, USA
~Silent Filmography~
From the chorus ranks of Broadway's George White's Scandals, Alabama-born Dorothy Sebastian
was recruited for films in 1925. The high point of her brief starring career came when she was teamed
with Joan Crawford and Anita Page for a popular series of MGM romantic dramas, released on both
sides of the talkie revolution: Our Dancing Daughters (1928), Our Modern Maidens (1929) and Our
Blushing Brides (1930). She was also well-served in 1929's Spite Marriage, wherein she was cast
opposite her then-lover Buster Keaton as a tempestuous stage actress (years later, Keaton and
Sebastian were reunited in the inexpensive 2-reel comedy Allez Oop [1935]). Sebasian went into
semi-retirement in the mid-1930s upon her marriage to future Hopalong Cassidy star William Boyd.
When the Boyds divorced in 1936, Dorothy attempted a comeback, but the parade had passed her
by. Dorothy Sebastian spent her last working years playing unstressed bit roles in such A pictures as
The Women (1939) and Reap the Wild Wind (1942).

Biography by AllMovie.com
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