~Dorothy Revier~

Born: April 18, 1904 in San Francisco, California, USA
Died: November 19, 1993 in Hollywood, California, USA
The daughter of a musician, Doris Velegra worked as a chorus girl and nightclub dancer before
making her film debut in 1921's Life's Greatest Question. The following year, she appeared as
Dorothy Revier in Broadway Madonna, directed by her first husband, Harry Revier. Never a major
star, Revier was a dependable, hardworking leading lady, averaging seven to ten movie appearances
per year during the silent era. Perhaps her most celebrated assignment was Milady de Winter in
Douglas Fairbanks' The Iron Mask (1929), one of her many "vamp" or evil-seductress roles. Making a
successful transition to talkies, Revier kept busy at Fox and Universal, continuing in the
femme-fatale mode that had earned her fame. By the mid-'30s, she was consigned almost exclusively
to B-pictures, earning the far-from-coveted soubriquet "Queen of Poverty Row." After finishing her
duties on a 1936 Buck Jones Western, Dorothy Revier retired from films.

Biography by Hal Erickson, AllMovie.com
~Silent Filmography~
The Donovan Affair (1929) ... Jean Rankin
The Mighty (1929) .... Mayme  
Light Fingers (1929) .... Dorothy Madison
The Quitter (1929) .... Patricia
The Iron Mask (1929) .... Milady de Winter
Sinner's Parade (1928) .... Mary Tracy
Submarine (1928) .... Bessie, Mrs. Jack Dorgan
Cleopatra (1928)
Beware of Blondes (1928) .... Mary
The Red Dance (1928) .... Princess Varvara  
... aka The Red Dancer of Moscow (UK)
The Siren (1927) .... Glenna Marsh
The Warning (1927) .... Mary Blake
The Tigress (1927) .... Mona, 'The Tigress'
The Drop Kick (1927) .... Mrs. Eunice Hathaway  
... aka Glitter (UK)
The Clown (1927) .... Fanchon
Poor Girls (1927) .... Peggy Warren
The Price of Honor (1927) .... Carolyn McLane
Wandering Girls (1927) .... Peggy Marston
Stolen Pleasures (1927) .... Clara Bradley
The Better Way (1926) .... Betty Boyd
When the Wife's Away (1926) .... Ethel Winthrop
The False Alarm (1926) .... Mary Doyle
Poker Faces (1926) .... Prizefighter's wife
The Far Cry (1926) .... Yvonne Beaudet
When Husbands Flirt (1925) .... Violet Gilbert
The Fate of a Flirt (1925) .... Mary Burgess
Steppin' Out (1925) .... Daisy Moran
Sealed Lips (1925) .... Margaret Blake
The Danger Signal (1925) .... Laura Whitman
An Enemy of Men (1925) .... Norma Bennett
Just a Woman (1925) .... Clarice Clement
Dangerous Pleasure (1925)
The Rose of Paris (1924) .... Florine du Vallois
Man from God's Country (1924) .... Camencita
That Wild West (1924)
The Cowboy and the Flapper (1924) .... Alice Allison
Border Women (1924) .... May Prentiss
The Virgin (1924) .... Maía Valdez
Call of the Mate (1924)
The Other Kind of Love (1924) .... Elsie
Down by the Rio Grande (1924)
The Sword of Valor (1924)
The Martyr Sex (1924) .... Beulah Paxton
Do It Now (1924)
Marry in Haste (1924) .... Joan Prescott
The Supreme Test (1923)
The Wild Party (1923) .... Blanche Cartwright
The Broadway Madonna (1922) .... Vivian Collins
Life's Greatest Question (1921) (as Dorothy Valegra) .... Dorothy Cumberland