~Don't Call It Love~
~Agnes Ayres~
~Plot Synopsis~
Prima donna Rita Coventry charms Richard Parrish from his fiancée, Alice Meldrum. Tiring of
Parrish, Miss Coventry casts him aside and begins a flirtation with Patrick Delaney, a piano tuner of
some musical talent. Parrish attempts to return to Alice, who, on the advice of a girl friend, rebuffs
him; later she agrees to become his wife.  

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Directed by: William C. de Mille

Written by:
Clara Beranger

Based on the play Rita Coventry by Julian Leonard Street, Hubert
Osborne (Garden City, New York, 1922) Rita Coventry , 19 Feb 1923).

Agnes Ayres ...Alice Meldrum
Jack Holt ...Richard Parrish
Nita Naldi ...Rita Coventry
Theodore Kosloff ...Luigi Busini
Rod La Rocque ...Patrick Delaney
Robert Edeson ...Henry Van Courtlandt
Julia Faye ...Clara Proctor
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Famous Players-Lasky Corporation

Distribution Company: Paramount Pictures

Cinematography by: L. Guy Wilky
Presenter: Adolph Zukor

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 70 Minutes
Released: December 24, 1923