~Dolores Costello~

Born: September 17, 1903 in Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Died: March 1, 1979 in Fallbrook, CA, USA
~Candid Photograph of Dolores Costello~
~Dolores Costello & Lee Tracy~
~Los Angeles Times, 1979~
Dolores Costello was a stage and film star and third wife of actor John Barrymore.

She made her stage debut at 19 as a dancer in George White's Scandals and a few years later followed
her father, Maurice Costello, to Hollywood where he had established a career in silent films.

Her own film career had just begun to blossom — she had had three costarring roles — when she
met Barrymore.

Though they had appeared together before the cameras, Costello abandoned her own film career in
1928 when they married and moved into a Mediterranean-style hilltop mansion in Beverly Hills.

Costello returned to films in the early days of talking pictures, starring in "Glorious Betsy" and later
in Orson Welles' "The Magnificent Ambersons."

Her father, no longer a star and unable to find acting employment, was dependent upon her and
sued her for support in 1938, at which time she also was supporting her sister, actress Helene
Costello, who was hospitalized.

She assumed support and responsibility for her niece, Diedre, after the divorce of her sister from
artist George LeBlanc and thus became involved in a front-page custody battle.

In 1951, an appearance with her son in San Francisco led to a return to acting. She played opposite
Albert Dekker at the Century Theater in a stage production of "The Great Man."

It was her final role.

— Paula Selleck and Ted Thackrey Jr. in the Los Angeles Times Mar. 2, 1979
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