~Derby Day~
~Plot Synopsis~
The Our Gang kids set up a concession stand across the street from the local racetrack. Befriending
Mary Kornman, the daughter of a wealthy horse-owner, the youngsters gain free access to the track,
and thrill to the sight of a race in progress. Thus inspired, the kids set up their own track and stage
their own "champeenship" race, with the youthful jockeys astride such beasts of burden as cows,
goats, and donkeys, and with the action covered by a junior-grade newsreel team (grinding away with
a cigar-box camera). Inevitably, the race degenerates into a comic free-for-all and a climactic chase,
but not before little Allen "Farina" Hoskins crosses the finish line on his trusty tricycle. Originally
released in November of 1923, Derby Day was chosen some 37 years later as the "pilot" film for The
Mischief Makers, a TV package primarily comprising abbreviated Our Gang silent comedies.

by Hal Erickson, allmovie.com
Directed by: Robert F. McGowan

Written by:
Hal Roach - story
H.M. Walker - titles

Charles A. Bachman ...  Officer
Joe Cobb ...  Joe
Jackie Condon ...  Jackie
Mickey Daniels ...  Mickey
Richard Daniels ...  Trainer
Jack Davis   
William Gillespie ...  Mary's father (the horse owner)
Allen 'Farina' Hoskins ...  Farina
Wallace Howe ...  Gate attendant
Sing Joy ...  Sing Joy
Mary Kornman ...  Mary
Billy Lord ...  Billy
Ernest Morrison ...  Ernie / Sunshine Sammy
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Hal Roach Studios

Released by:
Pathé Exchange

Produced by: Hal Roach

Runtime: 20 minutes
Released: November 18, 1923