~C-34-96: Corinne Griffith~
~Lloyd Hughes & Corinne Griffith~
~Plot Synopsis~
Lady Helen Haden, the last of the impulsive Varicks, is married to Sir Bruce Haden, a brute who
treats her shamefully. She falls in love with Ned Thayer, a young American, but refuses to divorce
her husband beause of the attendant scandal and disgrace. Sir Bruce gains possession of a love letter
written to Ned by Lady Helen and divorces her. Ned goes to Africa, and Lady Helen comes to the
United States, where she encounters Rudolph Solomon, an art collector who wants her to become
his mistress. The noblewoman at first refuses, but when her money runs out, she agrees to the
proposal and attends a party at his home. Ned, who has learned of the divorce, comes looking for
Helen and meets her at Solomon's party. Lady Helen is so humiliated and ashamed that she rushes
from the house and throws herself in front of an automobile. She is not badly injured, and Ned
reaffirms his love for her.  

Plot Synopsis from afi.com
Directed by: Robert G. Vignola

Written by:
Bradley King
Charles E. Whittaker

Based on the novel Déclassée by Zoë Akins (New York, 1923).

Lloyd Hughes ... Ned Thayer
Corinne Griffith ...Lady Heelen Haden
Clive Brook ...Rudolph Solomon
Rockliffe Fellowes ...Sir Bruce Haden
Lilyan Tashman ...Mrs. Leslie
Hedda Hopper ...Lady Wildering
Bertram Johns ...Sir Emmett Wildering
Gale Henry ...Timmins
Louise Fazenda ...Mrs. Walton
Eddie Lyons ...Mr. Walton
Mario Carillo ...Hotel Manager
Paul Weigel ...Henri
Clark Gable ...Extra (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Corinne Griffith Productions

Distribution Company: First National Pictures

Executive Producer: Corinne Griffith
Original Music by: Leo Fall
Cinematography by: Tony Gaudio
Film Editing by: Cyril Gardner
Art Direction by: John Hughes
Assistant Director: Philip Carle

Length: 8 Reels
Runtime: 80 Minutes
Released: April 12, 1925