~Fanny Rice, Sylvia Breamer, Robert Gordon, Gladys Valerie & Eddie Dunn~
~Fanny Rice, Sylvia Breamer, Harry Davenport, Gladys Valerie, Margaret Barry, Flora Finch,
Unknown & Robert Gordon (sitting)~
~Plot Synopsis~
As a latent result of falling out of a tree when he was a child, artist Keith Burton (Robert Gordon)
gradually starts to go blind. Having earlier heard his sweetheart, lovely heiress Dorothy Parkman
(Sylvia Breamer), remark that she finds blind people disgusting, Keith becomes depressed and
refuses her attentions. When an operation by Dorothy's stepfather (George Pauncefort), an eye
surgeon, fails, Dorothy, under an assumed name, nurses Keith and teaches him to read and write
until he discovers the ruse and, accusing her of pitying him, demands that she leave. On the verge of
suicide, Keith is saved by his housekeeper and later finds value in helping neighbor John McGuire
(Eddie Dunn), blinded while fighting in France. Keith soon suffers from hearing gossip linking
Dorothy and his own father, but when he finds that they had been meeting to plan the construction
of a training school for blind soldiers of which he will be the superintendent, he and Dorothy marry.  

Plot Synopsis from afi.com
Directed by: J. Stuart Blackton    

Written by:
J. Stuart Blackton - writer
Stanley Olmstead - writer

Based on the novel  Dawn  by Eleanor H. Porter (New York, 1919).

Robert Gordon ...  Keith Burton
Sylvia Breamer ...  Dorothy Parkman
Harry Davenport ...  Daniel Burton
James A. Furey ...  Uncle Joe Harrington
Fanny Rice ...  Susan Betts
Flora Finch ...  Mrs. Natalie Colebrook
Gladys Valerie ...  Mazie Sanborn
Margaret Barry ...  Mrs. McGuire
Eddie Dunn ...  John McGuire
Gus Alexander ...  Lefty Scrubbs
George Bunny ...  Mr. McGuire
George Pauncefort ...  Dr. Stewart
Robert Milasch ...  Hank
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: J. Stuart Blackton Feature Pictures

Distribution Company: Pathé Exchange

Cinematography by: William S. Adams    
Assistant Director: Jack Martin

Length: 6 Reels
Released: November 30, 1919