~Dangerous Pastime~
~Elinor Fair & Lew Cody~
~Plot Synopsis~
Lew Cody, who practically made a career out of playing "he-vamps" in silent pictures, does his best
with flimsy material in this very light comedy. Barry Adams (Cody) desperately wants to marry Celia
(Elinor Fair), and has proposed to her over and over again. But Celia has turned him down each and
every time because she's convinced he'll never give up his worldly ways. Finally, he takes the hint
and decides to go on searching for women and adventure. He receives a promising note from
someone who identifies herself as "the Lady of the Orchids," who turns out to be Mrs. Stowell (Cleo
Ridgely), a woman he had romanced some time before. Mrs. Stowell does everything she can to win
Adams, but he's no longer interested. The lady won't take no for an answer, and she drugs him and
takes him to her isolated country home. Not used to this kind of unceasing pursuit, Adams finally
makes his escape and returns to Celia, swearing that his wandering days are over.

From allmovie.com by Janiss Garza
Directed by: James W. Horne

Written by:
Wyndham Martin - story
H. Tipton Steck - writer

Lew Cody ...  Barry Adams
Cleo Ridgely ...  Mrs. Stowell
Elinor Fair ...  Celia
Ruth Cummings ...  Mrs. Gregor
~Remaining Credits~

Produced by: Louis J. Gasnier Productions (for)
Eastern Productions

Released: 1922