~Dangerous Innocence~
~Eugene O'Brien~

Laura La Plante ...  Ann Church
Eugene O'Brien ...  Maj. Seymour
Jean Hersholt ...  Gilchrist
Alfred Allen ...  Capt. Rome
Milla Davenport ...  Stewardess
Hedda Hopper ...  Muriel Church
William Humphrey ...  John Church
Martha Mattox ...  Aunt
Janet Gaynor ...  (uncredited)
Ann Church (Lauar La Plante), a 19-year-old girl who looks much younger, meets Major Seymour
(Eugene O'Brien) on a boat sailing from Liverpool to Bombay. Ann falls in love with the handsome
young military man and makes numerous innocent advances toward him, but he remains unmoved,
deterred both by her youth and by the fact that he once was in love with her mother (Hedda
Hopper). When Gilchrist (Jean Hersholt), another passenger, takes advantage of the girl's
innocence and places her in a compromising position, Major Seymour, in an effort to save the girl's
reputation, asks her to marry him. Ann accepts, but when they arrive in Bombay, Gilchrist tells Ann
that Seymour had an affair with her mother, and Ann breaks off the engagement. Seymour then
follows Gilchrist to his apartment and thrashes him. Ann prepares to return to England alone, and
Seymour forces Gilchrist to tell the girl that his relationship with her mother was purely platonic.
The lovers are reunited and are later married by the ship's captain on the high seas.

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~Laura La Plante & Eugene O'Brien~
Directed by: William A. Seiter

Written by:
Lewis Milestone - writer
James O. Spearing - writer

Based on the novel Ann's an Idiot by Pamela Wynne
(London, 1923).
~Plot Synopsis~
~Eugene O'Brien~
~4229-54: Eugene O'Brien & Laura La Plante~
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Universal Pictures

Cinematography by: Richard Fryer & Merritt B. Gerstad
Art Direction by: Leo K. Kuter

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 70 Minutes
Released: April 12, 1925