~Dance Madness~
~244-9: Conrad Nagel & Claire Windsor~

Conrad Nagel ...  Roger Halladay
Claire Windsor ...  May Anderson
Hedda Hopper  ... Valentina
Douglas Gilmore  ... Bud
Mario Carillo  ... Strokoff
Pauline Starke
Clara Bow
Estelle Clark
Joyzelle Joyner
Belva McKay
Directed by: Robert Z. Leonard

Written by: Frederica Sagor - script
Roger Halladay (Conrad Nagel) has a weakness for drink and dancers. He falls madly in love with
May Anderson (Claire Windsor), a classical dancer, after a brief and inebriated encounter; he finally
wins her; and they go to live in Paris. After a year his love wanes, and he becomes infatuated with a
masked Russian dancer, Valentina (Hedda Hopper). May, sensing the involvement, visits Valentina
to appeal to her sense of honor and finds that Valentina's husband, Strokoff (Mario Carillo), is her
old dance instructor. The three decide to have fun at Roger's expense and perhaps cure him of his
infatuation. May masquerades successfully as Valentina for several days, then is found out when her
mask slips off. Roger, however, tries to convince her he knew it was she all along.  

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~Plot Synopsis~
~244-35: Conrad Nagel & Claire Windsor~
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)

Producer: Robert Z. Leonard  
Executive Producer: Harry Rapf  
Cinematography by: John Arnold & William H. Daniels    
Art Direction by: James Basevi & Erté    
Costume Design by: André-ani, Erté, Kathleen Kay & Maude Marsh

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 70 Minutes
Released: January 4, 1926
~261-39: Claire Windsor & Conrad Nagel~
~261-53: Claire Windsor & Conrad Nagel~