~Corinne Griffith~

Born: November 21, 1894 in Texarkana, TX, USA
Died: July 4, 1979 in Santa Monica, CA, USA
~Silent Filmography~

Prisoners (1929/I) .... Riza Riga
The Divine Lady (1929) .... Lady Emma Hart Hamilton
Saturday's Children (1929) .... Bobby Halevy
Outcast (1928) .... Miriam
The Garden of Eden (1928) .... Toni LeBrun
Three Hours (1927) .... Madeline Durkin
Life in Hollywood No. 4 (1927) .... Herself
The Lady in Ermine (1927) .... Mariana Beltrami
Syncopating Sue (1926) .... Susan Adams
Into Her Kingdom (1926) .... Grand Duchess Tatiana (at 12 and 20)
Mademoiselle Modiste (1926) .... Fifi
Infatuation (1925) .... Violet Bancroft
Classified (1925) .... Babs Comet
The Marriage Whirl (1925) .... Marian Hale
... aka Modern Madness (UK)
Declassée (1925) .... Lady Heelen Haden
... aka The Social Exile
Love's Wilderness (1924) .... Linda Lou Heath
Single Wives (1924) .... Betty Jordan
Lilies of the Field (1924) .... Mildred Harker ... Movie Still Code: 14-X
Black Oxen (1923) .... Madame Zatianny/Mary Ogden ... Movie Still Code: 8-X
Six Days (1923) .... Laline Kingston
The Common Law (1923) .... Valerie West
Divorce Coupons (1922) .... Linda Catherton
A Virgin's Sacrifice (1922) .... Althea Sherrill
... aka A Woman's Sacrifice
Island Wives (1922) .... Elsa Melton
Received Payment (1922) .... Celia Hughes
The Single Track (1921) .... Janette Gildersleeve
Moral Fibre (1921) .... Marion Wolcott
What's Your Reputation Worth? (1921) .... Cara Deene
It Isn't Being Done This Season (1921) .... Marcia Ventnor
The Broadway Bubble (1920) .... Adrienne Landreth/Drina Lynn
The Whisper Market (1920) .... Erminie North
Babs (1920) .... Barbara Marvin
... aka Bab's Candidate
The Garter Girl (1920) .... Rosalie Ray
Deadline at Eleven (1920) .... Helen Stevens
Human Collateral (1920) .... Patricia Langdon
The Tower of Jewels (1920) .... Emily Cottrell

The Climbers (1919) .... Blanche Sterling
The Bramble Bush (1919) .... Kaly Dial
A Girl at Bay (1919) .... Mary Allen
Thin Ice (1919) .... Alice Winton
The Unknown Quantity (1919) .... Mary Boyne
The Girl Problem (1919) .... Erminie Foster
The Adventure Shop (1919) .... Phyllis Blake
Miss Ambition (1918) .... Marta
A Wise Purchase (1918) .... Herself
The Girl of Today (1918) .... Leslie Selden
The Clutch of Circumstance (1918) .... Ruth Lawson
Love Watches (1918) .... Jacqueline Cartaret
The Menace (1918) .... Virginia Denton
Who Goes There? (1917) .... Karen Girard
I Will Repay (1917) .... Virginia Rodney
The Love Doctor (1917) .... Blanche Hildreth
Transgression (1917) .... Marion Hayward
The Stolen Treaty (1917) .... Irene Mitchell
The Mystery of Lake Lethe (1917)
The Last Man (1916) .... Lorna
Through the Wall (1916) .... Pussy Wimott
A Fool and His Friends (1916)
The Yellow Girl (1916) .... Corinne
The Waters of Lethe (1916) .... Joyce Denton
Ashes (1916/II)
The Rich Idler (1916)
The Cost of High Living (1916)
Miss Adventure (1916)
Sin's Penalty (1916)
When Hubby Forgot (1916)
Bitter Sweet (1916)
Paloma, La (1916) .... Stella


Three Hours (1927) (executive producer)
The Lady in Ermine (1927) (executive producer)
Syncopating Sue (1926) (executive producer)
Into Her Kingdom (1926) (executive producer)
Mademoiselle Modiste (1926) (executive producer)
Infatuation (1925) (executive producer)
Classified (1925) (producer)
The Marriage Whirl (1925) (executive producer)
Declassée (1925) (executive producer)
Love's Wilderness (1924) (executive producer)
Single Wives (1924) (executive producer)
~Los Angeles Times, 1979~
Corinne Griffith was an actress, author and activist who made her final fortune in
real estate.

The woman who starred in "The Garden of Eden" and "Lilies of the Field" also
wrote books as diverse as "My Life With the Redskins" on football and "Eggs I
Have Known" on cooking.

The blue-eyed brunet was tagged "The Orchid of the Screen" in her early movie
career because of her beauty. She won her first film role after winning a beauty
contest in Santa Monica, where her widowed mother took her to sell family
property. The contest judge was First National (later Warner Bros.) director
George Fitzmaurice.

She made her last film, "Paradise Alley," in 1958.

A lady of means, she began campaigning in 1953 for abolition of the income tax,
giving more than 480 speeches across the country, and in 1962 writing a book,
"Taxation With Representation or Your Tax Money Went That Away." She
created a national organization called Abolish Individual Federal Income Taxes.

An outspoken woman given to writing letters to the editor and comments to the
sports columnist with an equally sharp pen, Griffith, whose third husband was
longtime Redskins owner George Marshall, spoke lightly of her shadow career as
"Mrs. Redskin."

"You have to learn to keep in the background and speak when spoken to. Women
just aren't necessary to the running of a team," she told an interviewer in 1952.

Griffith later said she divorced Marshall after 22 years of marriage because he
loved football more than her.

— Myrna Oliver in the Los Angeles Times July 23, 1979
~Gloria Swanson sees her friend
Corinne Griffith off as the later sets
sail for European vacation. May,