~P8-56: Lawrence Gray & Dorothy Mackaill~
~Plot Synopsis~
The budget-minded "spectacular" Convoy was based on Song of the Dragon, a novel by John Taintor
Foote. Sylvia Dodge (Dorothy Mackaill) is engaged to Eugene Weyeth (Lawrence Gray), best friend of
her brother, John (William Collier Jr.), when war is declared; and both young men enlist in the Navy.
Smith (Ian Keith), a secret service operative, informs Sylvia that Ernest Drake (Lowell Sherman), one
of her most persistent admirers, is the leader of a German spy ring and persuades her to encourage
his companionship so as to learn his contacts and methods. Found in Drake's apartment by her
brother and fiancé, Sylvia is disowned by her family; and when Drake is arrested, she leaves home.
Attempting to learn the location of her brother from sailors at the Navy Yard, Sylvia is arrested as a
streetwalker and sentenced to a year on Blackwells Island. In a great naval conflict, combined British
and American fleets repel the Germans in Keil Harbor, and John is killed. After the Armistice, Sylvia
is reunited with Eugene at her brother's grave. Most of the footage is consumed by newsreel and
Signal Corps clips of actual World War 1 naval battles. Released by First National, Convoy was one of
the first independent productions of the Halperin Brothers, of White Zombie fame.

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Directed by:
Joseph C. Boyle  
Lothar Mendes

Written by: Willis Goldbeck

Based on the novel
The Song of the Dragon by John Taintor Foote (New
York, 1923).

Lowell Sherman ...  Ernest Drake
Dorothy Mackaill ...  Sylvia Dodge
William Collier Jr. ...  John Dodge
Lawrence Gray ...  Eugene Weyeth
Ian Keith ...  Smith
Gail Kane ...  Mrs. Weyeth
Vincent Serrano ...  Mr. Dodge
Donald Reed ...  Smith's assistant
Eddie Gribbon ...  Eddie
Jack Ackroyd ...  Jack
Ione Holmes ...  Ione
~Remaining Credits~

Produced by: Robert Kane Productions

Distributed by: First National Pictures

Ernest Haller ... Director of Photography
Leland Hayward ... Production Manager
Victor Hugo Halperin ... Associate Producer
Edward R. Halperin ... Associate Producer

Running Time: 80 minutes
Length: 8 Reels
Released: April 24, 1927
~P8-61: Lawrence Gray & Dorothy Mackaill~
~Promotional Portraits of Dorothy Mackaill for Convoy, released in 1927~
~P8-102 Dorothy Mackaill & William Collier Jr.~