~Conrad Nagel~

Born: March 16, 1987 in Keokuk, IL, USA
Died: February 24, 1970, New York, NY, USA
~Silent Filmography~
~Candid photograph of Conrad Nagel with a
little girl~
~Los Angeles Times, 1970~
Conrad Nagel was a stage and motion picture star of the 1920s and 30s who went on to become one
of the founders of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Nagel began his acting career opposite Fay Bainter in productions of the Princess Stock Co. of Des
Moines, Iowa, later entering motion pictures as leading man in such films as "Midsummer Madness"
"What Every Woman Knows" and "Tin Hats" following his service in the Navy during World War I.

In television, Nagel hosted such shows as "Celebrity Time" and "Broadway to Hollywood" and
directed the "Silver Theatre"and "Radio Reader's Digest" radio shows during World War II.

He also appeared in such Broadway shows as "Skin of Our Teeth" and "State of the Union."

He once said that when he first came to Hollywood in 1919, "there wasn't even a restaurant there."

Nagel co-hosted the first televised Oscar ceremony in 1953, working from New York while Bob Hope
emceed in Los Angeles.

— Los Angeles Times Feb. 25, 1970
~Conrad Nagel's home in Beverly Hills~
~Vice President of AMPAS,
Conrad Nagel presents
Universal president Carl
Laemmle Best Picture Oscar
with Slim
Summerville to right~
The Kiss (1929) ... André... Movie Still Code: 440-X
The Mysterious Lady (1928) .... Captain Karl von Raden ... Movie Still Code: 374-X
The Michigan Kid (1928) .... Jimmy Cowan, the Michigan Kid
Diamond Handcuffs (1928) .... John
Glorious Betsy (1928) .... Jérôme Bonaparte
The Crimson City (1928) .... Ralph Blake
Tenderloin (1928) .... Chuck White
If I Were Single (1927) .... Ted Howard
London After Midnight (1927) .... Arthur Hibbs
... aka The Hypnotist (UK)
The Girl from Chicago (1927) .... Handsome Joe
Quality Street (1927) .... Dr. Valentine Brown
Slightly Used (1927) .... Masjor John Smith
Heaven on Earth (1927/I) .... Edmond Durand
There You Are! (1926) .... George Fenwick
Tin Hats (1926) .... Jack Benson
The Waning Sex (1926) .... Philip Barry
Exquisite Sinner (1926) .... Dominique Prad
Memory Lane (1926) .... Jimmy Holt
Dance Madness (1926) .... Roger Halladay
Lights of Old Broadway (1925) .... Dirk de Rhonde
... aka Little Old New York (UK)
The Only Thing (1925) .... Duke of Chevenix
... aka Four Flaming Days (USA)
Sun-Up (1925) .... Rufe
Pretty Ladies (1925) .... Dream Lover
Cheaper to Marry (1925) .... Dick Tyler
Excuse Me (1925) .... Harry Mallory
So This Is Marriage? (1924) .... Peter Marsh
The Snob (1924) .... Herrick Appleton
Married Flirts (1924) .... Perley Rex
Sinners in Silk (1924) .... Brock Farley
Tess of the D'Urbervilles (1924) .... Angel Clare
The Rejected Woman (1924) .... John Leslie
Three Weeks (1924) .... Paul Verdayne
... aka The Romance of a Queen (UK)
Name the Man (1924) .... Victor Stowell
The Rendezvous (1923) .... Walter Stanford
Lawful Larceny (1923) .... Andrew Dorsey
Bella Donna (1923) .... Nigel Armine
Grumpy (1923) .... Ernest Heron
Singed Wings (1922) .... Peter Gordon
The Impossible Mrs. Bellew (1922) .... John Helstan
Nice People (1922) .... Scotty White
The Ordeal (1922) .... Dr. Robert Acton
Hate (1922) .... Dick Talbot
Saturday Night (1922) .... Richard Prentiss
Fool's Paradise (1921) .... Arthur Phelps
Sacred and Profane Love (1921) .... Emilie Diaz, a pianist
The Lost Romance (1921) .... Allen Erskine, M.D
What Every Woman Knows (1921) .... John Shand
Midsummer Madness (1920) .... Julian Osborne
Unseen Forces (1920) .... Clyde Brunton
The Fighting Chance (1920) .... Stephen Siward

Romeo's Dad (1919)
The Redhead (1919) .... Matthew Thurlow
The Lion and the Mouse (1919) .... Jefferson Ryder
Little Women (1918) .... Laurie Laurence