~Code of the Yukon~
~Plot Synopsis~
Jean Dubois (Mitchell Lewis), who has discovered a gold mine in the Canadian Northwest, seeks
revenge on the man who ruined his sister. Jean befriends "Faro" Telford (Arthur Morrison), a
gambler who sends for a gang of crooks to take over the mine. Jean's wife runs off with a member of
the gang, and Jean, heartbroken, is about to leave the village when "Goldie," (Goldie Colwell) a gang
member, reveals that it was gang leader Dan Cregan (Tom Santschi) who wronged Jean's sister. Jean
is about to murder the crook when lightning strikes a tree, causing it to fall and crush Cregan. Jean's
wife returns to him and the two begin anew.  

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Directed by: Bertram Bracken

Written by: Bertram Bracken - writer
Anthony Paul Kelly - story

Mitchell Lewis ...  Jean Dubois
Tom Santschi ...  Dan Cregan
Arthur Morrison ...  'Faro' Telford
William Ehfe ...  Father Paul
Jack McDonald ...  Justice Breen
Franklin Hall ...  Dave Crawford
Vivian Rich ...  Lola Crawford
Margaret Landis ...  Dorothy Nolan
Goldie Colwell ...  Goldie
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Select Pictures Corporation

Cinematography by: Joseph Brotherton

Length: 6 Reels
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Released: December 1918