~Cleve Moore~

Born: June 10, 1904 in Port Huron, Michigan, USA
Died: January 25, 1954 in Miami, Florida, USA
~Cleve Moore in "Lilac Time"
~Silent Filmography~
Her Summer Hero (1928) .... Al Stanton
The Stolen Bride (1927) .... Lieutenant Kiss
The Prince of Headwaiters (1927) .... College Boy
Lilac Time (1928) .... Capt. Russell (flight commander)
Too Many Crooks (1927) .... Freddie Smythe
It Must Be Love (1926) .... Al
Cause for Divorce (1923) .... Skippy North
A graduate of the University of Santa Clara and the younger brother of film star Colleen Moore,
dark-haired Cleve Moore (born Morrison) appeared in no less than four of his sister's films, including
the highly popular Lilac Time (1928), in which he was the young flight commander. Playing mostly in
bit parts elsewhere, Moore retired at the advent of sound.

Biography by Hans J. Wollstein, AllMovie.com