~Clara Williams~

Born: May 3, 1888 in Seattle, WA, USA
Died: May 8, 1928 in Los Angeles, CA, USA
~Albert Witzel Portrait of Clara Williams~
~Silent Filmography~
Carmen of the Klondike (1918) .... Dorothy Harlan
The One Woman (1918) .... Kate Ransom
Paws of the Bear (1917) .... Olga Raminoff
Three of Many (1916) .... Nina Antinni
The Criminal (1916) .... Naneta
Home (1916) .... Inez Wheaton
The Market of Vain Desire (1916) .... Helen Badgley
Hell's Hinges (1916) .... Faith Henley
The Last Act (1916) .... Mrs. Cora Hale
The Corner (1916/I) .... Mrs. Adams
The Winged Idol (1915) .... Mildred Leonard
The Man from Oregon (1915) .... Harriet Lane
When Love Leads (1915) .... Mary Dunning - the Elder Sister
Cash Parrish's Pal (1915) .... Rose Parrish
... aka Double Crossed
The Ruse (1915) .... May Dawson
... aka A Square Deal
... aka Square Deal Man
The Scales of Justice (1915)
The Human Octopus (1915) .... Ruth Kelsey - John's Daughter
The Power of the Street (1915) .... Marion Steele - John's Wife
On the Night Stage (1915) (uncredited) .... Saloon Girl
... aka The Bandit and the Preacher (USA: reissue title)
The Devil (1915) .... Elsa
... aka Satan's Pawn
Winning Back (1915) .... Ruth Castle
The Secret of the Dead (1915)
The Customary Wife (1915)
The Deadly Spark (1915)
The Italian (1915) .... Annette Ancello Donnetti
The Bargain (1914) .... Nell Brent
... aka The Two-Gun Man in the Bargain (USA: reissue title)
Nipped (1914)
Jim Regan's Last Raid (1914)
Jim Cameron's Wife (1914)
His Hour of Manhood (1914) .... Anne Larson
The Hour of Reckoning (1914) .... Vivian Burr
Breed o' the North (1914)
The Forest Vampires (1914)
Out of the Night (1914)
Love vs Duty (1914)
The Gringo (1914)
In the Days of the Padres (1914)
Desert Gold (1914)
... aka After the Storm (USA)
For the Wearing of the Green (1914)
Mario (1914) (as Miss Williams)
Divorce (1914)
The Informer (1914)
The Primitive Call (1914)
The Harvest of Sin (1913)
A Waif of the Desert (1913/I) (unconfirmed)
The Witch of Salem (1913)
The Judgment (1913)
Her Only Boy (1913)
The Love Test (1913)
His Redemption (1913/I)
Papita's Destiny (1913) .... Pepita
Lone Dog, the Faithful (1913) (unconfirmed)
The Paymaster (1913)
A Black Conspiracy (1913)
The Girl Back East (1913)
The Right Road (1913)
The Evil One (1913)
Greed for Gold (1913/I)
On the Mountain Ranch (1913)
The Teacher at Rockville (1913)
The Girl of the Sunset Pass (1913) .... Ruth
Days of '49 (1913)
The Girl and the Gambler (1913)
The Love Token (1913)
The Great Sacrifice (1913)
The End of the Feud (1912/II)
Bar K Foreman (1912)
A Lucky Fall (1912)
Struggle of Hearts (1912)
Ranch Mates (1912)
The Surgeon (1912) (unconfirmed)
A Fugitive from Justice (1912)
The Sheriff's Mistake (1912)
Parson James (1912) .... Nell
In the Service of the State (1912) .... Molly Hawkins
Red Saunders' Sacrifice (1912)
The Physician of Silver Gulch (1912) (unconfirmed)
The Renegades (1912)
A Trustee of the Law (1912) .... Virginia
The Bank Cashier (1912)
The New Ranch Foreman (1912)
The Deputy's Peril (1912)
The Minister and the Outlaw (1912)
The Two Gun Sermon (1912) .... The Wife
The Divine Solution (1912) .... Juanita
A Western Courtship (1912) (unconfirmed)
The Sheriff's Daughter (1912/I) .... The Sheriff's Daughter
Over the Divide (1912) .... Nell
A Cowboy's Vindication (1910) .... Faro Nan
Circle C Ranch's Wedding Present (1910)
A Western Woman's Way (1910)
The Little Prospector (1910) .... Nell Kendall
The Marked Trail (1910) .... Marie Canby
The Silent Message (1910)
Pals of the Range (1910) .... Clara
Patricia of the Plains (1910) .... Patricia Watkins
Curing a Masher (1910)
The Pony Express Rider (1910) .... Mary Holmes
An Indian Girl's Love (1910)
... aka An Indian Girl's Awakening (USA)
The Millionaire and the Ranch Girl (1910) .... Nellie Blair
The Deputy's Love (1910) .... Nance O'Brien
... aka The Deputy's Duty (USA)
The Girl on Triple X (1910) .... Nellie Monroe
Under Western Skies (1910) .... The Girl
Broncho Billy's Redemption (1910) .... Millie Merrill
The Desperado (1910)
The Ranchman's Feud (1910) .... The First Ranchman's Daughter
The Brother, Sister and the Cowpuncher (1910)
The Little Doctor of the Foothills (1910) .... Doctor Burton
The Cowpuncher's Ward (1910)
The Sheriff's Sacrifice (1910)
A Vein of Gold (1910)
The Cowboy's Sweetheart (1910) .... Jennie
A Ranchman's Wooing (1910)
The Girl and the Fugitive (1910) .... Minnie Harding
Method in His Madness (1910) .... Woman Outside Third Bar
The Ranch Girl's Legacy (1910) .... Carrie Perkins
The Mexican's Faith (1910) .... The Rancher's Daughter
The Cowboy and the Squaw (1910) .... Lightfeather
Western Chivalry (1910) .... The Ranch Boss's Niece
Her lack of conventional beauty much commented upon by modern scholars of silent Western star
William S. Hart, Clara Williams was actually fairly representative of early screen heroines, who
survived mainly on their wits and a willingness to try anything at least once. Williams came to the
burgeoning film industry in 1912 after a stint in vaudeville. She starred for Lubin (with another early
cowboy star, Edgar Jones) and Selig before finding fame opposite Hart in no less than five of his early
Westerns, including the classic Hell's Hinges. As the sister of a wayward reverend, Williams seeks
help from Hart, a hardened gunslinger whom she manages to reform. The story was typical Hart --
uncompromisingly grim, dusty, and realistic in setting if not sentiment. And unlike the many
starlets-turned-prairie flowers that would follow, Williams offered at least a somewhat authentic
example of frontier womanhood. She appeared in her final film in 1918 and died ten years later from
the effects of an operation.

Biography by Hans J. Wollstein, AllMovie.com