~Cheap Kisses~
~175-103: Cullen Landis, Lincoln Stedman, Louise Dresser, Lillian Rich & Unknown~
~Plot Synopsis~
Donald Dillingham refuses to join his family in their new social life when Henry Dillingham suddenly
becomes wealthy, and he incurs their even greater disapproval for marrying chorus girl Ardell
Kendall. Learning that famous sculptor Gustaf Borgstrom wishes to use Ardell as model, the
Dillinghams suddenly welcome Donald and Ardell to their estate. Donald succumbs to both the jazzy
pleasures and the attentions of Maybelle Wescott, but Ardell remains aloof and in order to pay off
Maybelle threatens Mr. Dillingham with exposure of his infatuation with a chorus girl. The
adventuress breaks her agreement to leave Donald alone, and Ardell reveals the bargain to Donald,
who angrily leaves. Ardell sadly returns to the Dillinghams' honeymoon cottage and finds a repentant
Donald awaiting her.  

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Directed by:
John Ince
Cullen Tate

Written by: C. Gardner Sullivan story & screenplay

Jean Hersholt ...  Gustaf Borgstrom
Michael Dark ...  Butterworth Little
Sidney De Gray ...  Henry Dillingham
Louise Dresser ...  Jane Dillingham
Bessie Eyton ...  Maybelle Wescott
Cullen Landis ...  Donald Dillingham
Kathleen Myers ...  Mignon De Lisle
Vera Reynolds ...  Kitty Dillingham
Lillian Rich ...  Ardell Kendall
Tom Ricketts ...  The Old Man
Phillips Smalley ...  George Wescott
Lincoln Stedman ...  Bill Kendall
~Remaining Credits~

Produced by: C. Gardner Sullivan Productions

Released by: Film Booking Offices of America (FBO)

Cinematography by: Jules Cronjager
Film Editing by: Barbara Hunter
Presenter: C. Gardner Sullivan

Length: 7 Reels
Released: December 21, 1924