~Carol Holloway~

Born: April 30, 1892 in Williamstown, Massachusetts, USA
Died: January 3, 1979 (age 86) in Los Angeles, California, USA

The Hard-Boiled Canary (1941) ... Nurse (uncredited)
Emergency Squad (1940) ... Crying Wife at Hospital (uncredited)

The Night of Nights (1939) ... 1st Maid (uncredited)
The Lady's from Kentucky (1939) ... Nurse in Corridor (uncredited)
St. Louis Blues (1939) ... Motherly Woman (uncredited)
Scandal Street (1938) ... Sadie (uncredited)
The Big Broadcast of 1938 (1938) ... Woman (uncredited)
Thunder Trail (1937) ... Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Exclusive (1937) ... Rioter (uncredited)
Way Out West (1937) ... Saloon Girl (uncredited)
Oh, Doctor (1937) ... Woman (uncredited)
Maid of Salem (1937) ... Townswoman (uncredited)
The Crime of Dr. Forbes (1936) ... Crippled Boy's Mother (uncredited)
F-Man (1936) ... Undetermined Role (uncredited)
The First Baby (1936) ... Nurse (uncredited)
The Virginia Judge (1935) ... Nurse (uncredited)
Stolen Harmony (1935) ....Six Kids Member (uncredited)
The Whole Town's Talking (1935) ... Customer (uncredited)
One Hour Late (1934) ... Nurse (uncredited)
The Sign of the Cross (uncredited)(1932)

Chicken a La King (1928)
Effie Trundle (1927)
The Cherokee Kid (1927) ... Rose
Jake the Plumber (1927) ... Mrs. Levis (as Carol Halloway)
The Rainbow Trail (1925) ... Jane Withersteen (uncredited)
Beau Brummel (1924) ... Kathleen - the Maid
The Love Pirate (1923) ...Mrs. Carnan
Why Women Remarry (1923) ... Dan Hannon's sister
The Ramblin' Kid (1923) ... Mrs. Ophelia Cobb
Cordelia the Magnificent (1923) ... Esther Northworth (as Carol Halloway)
Gossip (1923) ... Mrs. Boyne (as Carol Halloway)
One of Three (Short) (1923)
Knights of the Timber (Short) (1923)
Rich Men's Wives (1922) ... Maid
Up and Going (1922) ... Marie Brandon (in prologue)
The Greater Duty (1922)
Trailin' (1921) ... Joan Piotto (as Carol Halloway)
The Sea Lion (1921) ... Dolly May
'If Only' Jim (1920) ... Miss Dot Dennihan
A Good Bad Man (1920)
Two Moons (1920) ... Hilma Ring
Dangerous Love (1920) ... The Woman
The Deceiver (1920)
The Saphead (1920) ... Rose Turner

Perils of Thunder Mountain (1919) ... Ethel Carr
The Iron Test (1919) ... Edith Paige
The Jest of Talky Jones (Short) (1918) ... The Mockingbird
The Winning of the Mocking Bird (Short) (1918) ... The Mockingbird
Vengeance - and the Woman (1917) ... Bessie Blake
The Tenderfoot (1917) ... Cynthia of the West
Dead Shot Baker  (1917) ... Evelyn Baldwin
The Fighting Trail (1917) ... Nan
The Prodigal Uncle (Short) (1917)
That Sharp Note (Short) (1916) ... Vivienne
Billy Van Deusen, Cave Man (Short) (1916) ... The Black Beauty
Dare-Devils and Danger (Short) (1916) ... Madge Dare
Gamblers in Greenbacks (Short) (1916) ... Grace Jonsin
In the Land of the Tortilla (Short) (1916) ... Francisca
Two Slips and a Miss (Short) (1916) ... Mrs. Noah Goode
Billy Van Deusen's Masquerade (Short) (1916) ... Betty
When Adam Had 'Em (Short) (1916) ... Mrs. O'Grady
The House on Hokum Hill (Short) (1916) ... The Maid / The Girl of the Story
Billy Van Deusen's Egg-Spensive Adventure (Short) (1916) ... Nonette
Billy Van Deusen's Operation (Short) (1916) ... The Nurse
The Comet's Come-Back (Short) (1916) ... Claire Peedeeque
Adjusting His Claim (Short) (1916) ... Veggie Tibbles
Billy Van Deusen's Fiancee (Short) (1916) ... Bessie
Skelly's Skeleton (Short) (1916) ... Betty Mon
Billy Van Deusen's Ancestry (Short) (1916) ... Irma - the Mysterious
Bugs and Bugles (Short) ... Susan - the General's Niece
Number Please? (Short) (1916) ... Lizzie Snow
Peanuts and Powder (Short) (1916) ... Kreemie
Billy Van Deusen's Muddle (Short) (1916) ... Grace - Walt's Wife
The Waifs (1916) ... Rene
A Trunk an' Trouble (Short) (1916) ... Ruth Slick
Cupid at Cohen's (Short) (1916) ... Rosie
Plotters and Papers (Short) (1916) ... Madame Z
A Gay Blade's Last Scrape (Short) (1916) ... Carol
Johnny's Jumble (Short) (1916) ... Carol
Too Much Married (Short) (1916) ... Nell - the Wife
The Battle of Cupidovitch (Short) (1916) ... Carol Brown
Billy Van Deusen and the Vampire (Short) (1916) ... Carol
Billy Van Deusen's Wedding Eve (Short) (1916) ... Bessie Footlights
Some Night (Short) (1916) ... Gladys
Johnny's Birthday (Short) (1916) ... Carol
The First Quarrel (Short) (1916) ... Carol
Billy Van Deusen's Shadow (Short) (1916) ... Flora Smudge
Kiddus, Kids and Kiddo (Short) (1916) ... Kitty Kidd
Making a Man of Johnny (Short) (1915) ... Carol
A Girl, a Guard, and a Garret (Short) (1915) ... Jessie Fowler - the Daughter
Billy Van Deusen's Last Fling (Short) (1915)
Pretenses (Short) (1915) ... Mary Guffy - the Daughter
Billy Van Deusen and the Merry Widow (Short) (1915) ... Marie - the Merry Widow
The Drummer's Trunk (Short) (1915) ... Molly, the Maid
Johnny the Barber (Short) (1915) ... Doris
Billy Van Deusen's Campaign (Short) (1915) ... Helen
An Auto-Bungalow Fracas (Short) (1915) ... Carol - John's Wife
Deserted at the Auto (Short) (1915) ... Mary Brown
Aided by the Movies (Short) (1915) ... Carol
The Secretary of Frivolous Affairs (1915) ... Laura Hazard
Her Mother's Secret (Short) (1915) ... Emily Lester
The Lure of the Mask (1915)
Patsy, Married and Settled (Short) (1915)
Patsy on a Yacht (Short) (1915)
Patsy Among the Smugglers (Short) (1915)
Patsy in Town (Short) (1915)
A Gentleman of Leisure (1915) ... Molly Creedon
Patsy Among the Fairies (Short) (1915)
Patsy's Elopement (Short) (1915)
Patsy at the Seashore (Short) (1915)
Bags of Gold (Short) (1915)
Patsy in a Seminary (Short) (1915)
Patsy on a Trolley Car (Short) (1915)
Patsy in Business (Short) (1915)
Patsy at College (Short) (1915)
Patsy's First Love (Short) (1915)
Patsy at School (Short) (1914)
A Game of Wits (Short) (1914) ... Donna Inez
The Violinist (Short) (1914) ... Margaret McDonald / Ethel, her Daughter
Till the Sands of the Desert Grow Cold (Short) (1914) ... Mrs. Ed Larned
Who Seeks Revenge (Short) (1914)
The Living Fear (Short) (1914) ... Julia Brent
A Practical Demonstration (Short) (1914) ... Mary Lane
The Trunk Mystery (Short) (1914) ... Mrs. Dunn Brown
The Wallflower (Short) (1914) ... Edith Lyle
The Root of Evil (Short) (1914) ... Hazel Welsh
Above the Law (Short) (1914) ... Meg Rand later Mrs. Hunt
A Strange Melody (Short) (1914) ... Mary Colt
The Windfall (Short) (1914) ... Grace
A Son of His Father (Short) (1913) ... Mary Temple - the Mother


The Smiling Wolf (Short) (story) (1927)
The Shoot 'Em Up Kid (Short) (story) (1926)
Although perhaps not in a league with Pearl White and Ruth Roland, Carol Holloway (sometimes credited
as Halloway) was one of the early silent screen's great serial queens. The daughter of a college professor,
Holloway began her professional career with the Carleton Stock Company and later appeared on
Broadway in "Every Woman." By 1914, she was appearing in one-reel Billy van Dusen comedies with the
now forgotten John Steppling, a good enough introduction apparently to the wild and woolly world of
Vitagraph serials, of which "The Fighting Trail" (1917) with William Duncan was her first. They became
something of a team and also did five-reel Westerns, but in 1918 Duncan replaced Holloway with his wife
Edith Johnson. The actress was instead teamed with Antonio Moreno in the 15-chapter serials "The Iron
Test" (1918) and "The Perils of Thunder Mountain" (1919), sometimes despairing over the sameness of it
all. "I've climbed every rock that anybody in the state has ever heard of," she once told a fan-magazine
writer, quickly adding that she loved the overall fun and camaraderie of serial-making. Like most of her
action heroine contemporaries, Holloway's career slowed down in the more corporate 1920s, but she did
appear opposite Tom Mix in the well-received 1925 screen version of Zane Grey's The Rainbow Trail.
She continued to act in small roles and as an extra in films until at least 1940.

Biography by Hans J. Wollstein