~Carl Laemmle~
Founder of Univeral Studios

Born: January 17, 1867 in Laupheim, Wurttemberg, Germany
Died: September 24, 1939 in Los Angeles, California, USA
~Candid photograph of Carl Laemmle and Albert
~Carl Laemmle at a premier at The Carthay
Circle Theater~
~Los Angeles Times, 2010 ~
Carl Laemmle, an immigrant from Germany who arrived in the United States in 1893 with only $50
in his pocket, built a vast fortune as the father of Universal Pictures. Despite his fortune, fame and
power, he is remembered as a generous and kindhearted Hollywood gentleman who was often
fondly called "Uncle Carl."

After his arrival in the U.S., Laemmle took a series of menial jobs, first wrapping packages at a
Chicago store, then working as a clerk at a clothing store in Oshkosh, Wis. He was promoted from
clerk to manager at the Oshkosh shop, which allowed him to save several thousand dollars. He
planned to use the money to open his own five-and-dime back in Chicago, but happened upon a line
of people waiting for entrance to a movie house. Laemmle decided to buy his own theater instead.

Soon after, bristling under the control of the General Film Co., which enjoyed a virtual monopoly on
film production and distribution, Laemmle decided to make his own films instead. He formed the
Independent Film Production Co., commonly called IMP, and set up shop in New York and Fort
Lee, N.J.

General Film and the Motion Picture Patents Co. didn't take kindly to the idea of smaller
independent companies making their own films, which led to legal trouble and the eventual exodus
of Laemmle and his fellow independent filmmakers to California.

Laemmle flourished in Hollywood, later purchasing a chicken ranch on the northern side of the
Cahuenga Pass for $165,000. He built a film studio in the chickens' place and named the area
Universal City.

His fortune — and Universal's stature — grew with the release of films including "All Quiet on the
Western Front," which won the Academy Award for best picture in 1930. His love of motion
pictures was strong enough, The Times reported in 1918, that he won an endurance contest of sorts
with Photoplay Song Hits Inc. President Harry Cohn, by viewing four five-reel dramas, four one-reel
comedies and three two-reel episodes of a serial at a stretch. Cohn couldn't stick the marathon out,
but Laemmle said he enjoyed it.

He retired as Universal's president in 1936 and succumbed to a series of heart attacks three years
later at age 72. Nearly 2,000 people attended his funeral at the Wilshire B'nai B'rith Temple, and
his death, quite literally, made Hollywood stop — all of the Hollywood studios observed five
minutes of silence as a tribute.

In his eulogy for Laemmle, Rabbi Edgar F. Magnin spoke briefly about his place in motion picture
history, focusing on his admiration for Laemmle the man.

"Many people are mourned after their death but not loved while they are alive, particularly those
who have power which makes them so susceptible to hatred," Magnin said during the service. "But
here was a man who was loved by all. He was kind and sweet. He saw all who needed him and never
with a display of arrogance. He was always the same, sweet and simple. He never forgot he was a
poor boy."

The once-poor immigrant left more than $4 million to his family, including son Carl Jr. His will also
provided for friends, personal employees and charity.

Lindsay Barnett for the Los Angeles Times June 4, 2010
~Silent Filmography~
~Vice President of AMPAS,
Conrad Nagel presents
Universal president Carl
Laemmle Best Picture Oscar
with Slim
Summerville to right~

Show Boat (1929) (producer)
Red Hot Speed (1929) (executive producer)
Uncle Tom's Cabin (1927) (executive producer) (uncredited)
The Marriage Clause (1926) (executive producer)
Oh, Baby! (1926) (producer)
Sporting Life (1925) (producer)
The Calgary Stampede (1925) (producer)
The Phantom of the Opera (1925) (producer) (uncredited)
The Western Wallop (1924) (producer)
Fighting Fury (1924) (producer)
Sawdust Trail (1924) (executive producer)
The Fighting American (1924) (executive producer)
The City of Stars (1924) (producer)
The Man from Wyoming (1924) (producer)
The Red Warning (1923) (producer)
The Thrill Chaser (1923) (executive producer)
Men in the Raw (1923) (producer)
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1923/I) (producer) (uncredited)
The Shock (1923) (producer)
Dead Game (1923) (producer)
In the Days of Buffalo Bill (1922) (executive producer)
The Trouper (1922) (executive producer)
The Leather Pushers (1922) (producer)
Cheated Hearts (1921) (producer)
The Man with the Punch (1920) (producer)
Cinema Luke (1920/II) (producer)
It's a Bear (1920) (producer)
Cinema Luke (1920/I) (producer)

Cinema Luke (1919) (producer)
Aphides the Animated Ant's Avarice (1919) (producer)
Ginger for Pluck (1919) (producer)
How Many Bars in a Beetle's Beat (1919) (producer)
Leading Him a Dance (1919) (producer)
Nightmare Experiences After a Heavy Supper (1919) (producer)
Oft in the Stilly Night (1919) (producer)
The Courteous Cries of a Cricket (1919) (producer)
The Heart Bug (1919) (producer)
The Lays of an Ostrich Eggstrawdinary (1919) (producer)
The Male Mosquito (1919) (producer)
The Praying Mantis (1919) (producer)
The Sea Serpent and the Flying Dragon (1919) (producer)
War in the Air (1919) (producer)
Won't You Walk Into My Parlor (1919) (producer)
O, It's Great to Be Crazy (1918) (producer)
Phoney Photos (1918) (producer)
Hickory Hiram (1918) (producer)
Doing Their Bit (1918/II) (producer)
Hoch der Kaiser (1918) (producer)
Liberty on Guard (1918) (producer)
Trench Warfare in the Sahara (1917) (producer)
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1916) (producer)
Behind Life's Stage (1916) (producer)
Partners (1916/I) (producer)
Two Mothers (1916) (producer)
The Fur Trimmed Coat (1916) (producer)
Heartaches (1916) (producer)
Grouches and Smiles (1916) (producer)
Her Husband's Honor (1916) (producer)
Her Great Part (1916) (producer)
Her Husband's Faith (1916) (producer)
The Marriage of Arthur (1916) (producer)
The Thief of the Desert (1916) (producer)
Miss Blossom (1916) (producer)
The Gambler (1916) (producer)
Public Approval (1916) (producer)
The Brink (1916) (producer)
Bill's Wife (1916) (producer)
The Eyes of Fear (1916) (producer)
The Dumb Girl of Portici (1916) (producer)
Fool's Gold (1916/I) (producer)
The Secret Foe (1916) (producer)
The Desperado (1916) (producer)
Lonesomeness (1916) (producer)
Lavinia Comes Home (1916) (producer)
The Windward Anchor (1916) (producer)
The Blackmailer (1916) (producer)
The Heart of Bonita (1916) (producer)
Her Greatest Story (1916) (producer)
The Living Lie (1916) (producer)
The Inner Soul (1916/I) (producer)
The Red Lie (1916) (producer)
Just Plain Folks (1916) (producer)
The Evil of Suspicion (1915) (producer)
The Great Fear (1915) (producer)
Does It End Right? (1915) (producer)
The Devil and Idle Hands (1915) (producer)
Gilded Youth (1915) (producer)
Inside Facts (1915) (producer)
The Mayor's Decision (1915) (producer)
The Masked Substitute (1915) (producer)
A White Feather Volunteer (1915) (producer)
Marianna (1915) (producer)
Her Three Mothers (1915) (producer)
The Cry of the First Born (1915) (producer)
The Eagle (1915) (producer)
The Lilt of Love (1915) (producer)
Dr. Mason's Temptation (1915) (producer)
The Little Blonde in Black (1915) (producer)
In the Grasp of the Law (1915) (producer)
... aka In the Grip of the Law (USA)
The Source of Happiness (1915) (producer)
Paternal Love (1915) (producer)
Heritage (1915) (producer)
Dear Little Old Time Girl (1915) (producer)
Betty's Dream Hero (1915) (producer)
Billie's Baby (1915) (producer)
The Grail (1915) (producer)
Eleven to One (1915) (producer)
A Boob's Romance (1915) (producer)
Little Mr. Fixer (1915) (producer)
... aka Billy's Cupidity (USA)
From the Shadows (1915) (producer)
The Silent Command (1915) (producer)
Their Golden Wedding (1915) (producer)
Trickery (1915) (producer)
Fate's Alibi (1915) (producer)
Profit and Loss (1915) (producer)
... aka What a Blind Man Saw (USA)
The Toll of Youth (1915) (producer)
The Little Girl of the Attic (1915) (producer)
The Prophet of the Hills (1915) (producer)
Nature's Triumph (1915) (producer)
... aka The Cure of the Mountains (USA: alternative title)
Mavis of the Glen (1915) (producer)
Things in the Bottom Drawer (1915) (producer)
When the Spider Tore Loose (1915) (producer)
Life's Furrow (1915) (producer)
His Captive (1915) (producer)
His Last Trick (1915) (producer)
The Bay of Seven Isles (1915) (producer)
To Redeem an Oath (1915) (producer)
An Arrangement with Fate (1915) (producer)
Martin Lowe, Financier (1915) (producer)
... aka Martin Lowe, Fixer (USA)
His Last Serenade (1915) (producer)
War Cartoons by Hy Mayer (1914) (producer)
Topical War Cartoons No. 2 (1914) (producer)
Topical War Cartoons (1914) (producer)
The Pawns of Destiny (1914) (producer)
In the Year 2014 (1914) (producer)
Pen Laughs (1914) (producer)
Topical Topics (1914) (producer)
Traffic in Souls (1913) (executive producer) (uncredited)
Leaves from Hy Mayer's Sketchbook (1913) (producer)
Hilarities by Hy Mayer (1913) (producer)
Whimsicalities by Hy Mayer (1913) (producer)
Jolly Jottings by Hy Mayer (1913) (producer)
Antics in Ink by Hy Mayer (1913) (producer)
Hy Mayer's Cartoons (1913/II) (producer)
Humors of Summer (1913) (producer)
Hy Mayer: His Merry Pen (1913) (producer)
Pen Talks by Hy Mayer (1913/II) (producer)
In Laughland with Hy Mayer (1913) (producer)
The Adventures of Mr. Phiffles (1913) (producer)
Funny Fancies by Hy Mayer (1913) (producer)
Summer Caricatures (1913) (producer)
... aka Summer Caricatures by Hy Mayer (USA: alternative title)
In Cartoonland with Hy Mayer (1913) (producer)
Lightning Sketches by Hy Mayer (1913/II) (producer)
Lightning Sketches by Hy Mayer (1913/I) (producer)
Sketches from Life by Hy Mayer (1913) (producer)
Fun in Film by Hy Mayer (1913) (producer)
Filmograph Cartoons (1913) (producer)
Hy Mayer's Cartoons (1913/I) (producer)
Pen Talks by Hy Mayer (1913/I) (producer)
... aka Pen Talk (UK)
Hy Mayer: His Magic Hand (1913/II) (producer)
Hy Mayer: His Magic Hand (1913/I) (producer)
... aka The Magic Hand (UK)
A Study in Crayon (1913) (producer)
The Crippled Teddy Bear (1910) (producer)

Hiawatha (1909) (producer)


Benson at Calford (1926) (story)


The Broken Coin (1915) .... Editor-in-Chief

~Miscellaneous Crew~

Modern Love (1929) (presenter) ... aka You Can't Buy Love
Come Across (1929) (presenter)
His Lucky Day (1929) (presenter)
Smilin' Guns (1929) (presenter)
Show Boat (1929) (presenter)
The Last Warning (1929) (presenter)
Greased Lightning (1928) (presenter)
Quick Triggers (1928) (presenter)
Lonesome (1928) (presenter)
... aka Solitude (USA: working title)
A Made-To-Order Hero (1928) (presenter)
The Hound of Silver Creek (1928) (presenter)
The Wild West Show (1928) (presenter)
Hot Heels (1928) (presenter)
The Man Who Laughs (1928) (presenter)
Won in the Clouds (1928) (presenter)
The Four-Footed Ranger (1928) (presenter)
Put 'Em Up (1928) (presenter)
The Count of Ten (1928) (presenter)
Midnight Rose (1928) (presenter)
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... aka The Phantom Ranger
The Clean-Up Man (1928) (presenter)
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13 Washington Square (1928) (presenter)
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A Hero for a Night (1927) (presenter)
... aka Paris or Bust (USA)
Desert Dust (1927) (presenter)
The Shield of Honor (1927) (presenter)
Cheating Cheaters (1927) (presenter)
Fangs of Destiny (1927) (presenter)
On Your Toes (1927) (presenter)
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... aka The Affairs of Hannerl (USA: alternative title)
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... aka The Last Call (UK)
The Chinese Parrot (1927) (presenter)
The Irresistible Lover (1927) (presenter)
Surrender (1927) (presenter)
... aka The President (UK)
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Wolf's Trail (1927) (presenter)
A Man's Past (1927) (presenter)
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The Lone Eagle (1927) (presenter)
The Cat and the Canary (1927) (presenter)
Out All Night (1927) (presenter)
Three Miles Up (1927) (presenter)
Painting the Town (1927) (presenter)
Range Courage (1927) (presenter)
Spurs and Saddles (1927) (presenter)
A Hero on Horseback (1927) (presenter)
The Fighting Three (1927) (presenter)
Alias the Deacon (1927) (presenter)
Hands Off (1927) (presenter)
Fast and Furious (1927) (presenter)
Men of Daring (1927) (presenter)
The Western Rover (1927) (presenter)
Down the Stretch (1927) (presenter)
Beware of Widows (1927) (presenter)
Grinning Guns (1927) (presenter)
The Prairie King (1927) (presenter)
The Claw (1927) (presenter)
The Love Thrill (1927) (presenter)
The Broncho Buster (1927) (presenter)
Hard Fists (1927) (presenter)
Red Clay (1927) (presenter)
Held by the Law (1927) (presenter)
The Rambling Ranger (1927) (presenter)
Hey! Hey! Cowboy (1927) (presenter)
Shooting Straight (1927) (presenter)
... aka Range Riders
... aka Straight Shootin'
Sensation Seekers (1927) (presenter)
Perch of the Devil (1927) (presenter)
Set Free (1927) (presenter)
The Wrong Mr. Wright (1927) (presenter)
The Western Whirlwind (1927) (presenter)
Taxi! Taxi! (1927) (presenter)
The Denver Dude (1927) (presenter)
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Loco Luck (1927) (presenter)
Rough and Ready (1927) (presenter)
The Cheerful Fraud (1926) (presenter)
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The Whole Town Is Talking (1926) (presenter)
Butterflies in the Rain (1926) (presenter)
Prisoners of the Storm (1926) (presenter)
Prowlers of the Night (1926) (presenter)
The Buckaroo Kid (1926) (presenter)
Spangles (1926) (presenter)
The Man from the West (1926) (presenter)
Jane's Troubles (1926) (presenter)
Red Hot Leather (1926) (presenter)
Her Big Night (1926) (presenter)
The Runaway Express (1926) (presenter)
The Yellow Back (1926) (presenter)
The Ice Flood (1926) (presenter)
The Texas Streak (1926) (presenter)
The Ridin' Rascal (1926) (presenter)
The Mystery Club (1926) (presenter)
Don't Be a Dummy (1926) (presenter)
The Wild Horse Stampede (1926) (presenter)
Don't Shoot (1926) (presenter)
The Terror (1926) (presenter)
Bucking the Truth (1926) (presenter)
The Man in the Saddle (1926) (presenter)
The Fighting Peacemaker (1926) (presenter)
Motor Trouble (1926) (presenter)
The Newlyweds' Neighbors (1926) (presenter)
The Scrappin' Kid (1926) (presenter)
The Love Thief (1926) (presenter)
Rolling Home (1926) (presenter)
The Crowned Prince (1926) (presenter)
The Escape (1926/I) (presenter)
Looking for Trouble (1926) (presenter)
Honeymooning with Ma (1926) (presenter)
My Old Dutch (1926) (presenter)
The Tin Bronc (1926) (presenter)
The Set-Up (1926) (presenter)
The Phantom Bullet (1926) (presenter)
A Swell Affair (1926) (presenter)
Chasing Trouble (1926) (presenter)
The Emergency Man (1926) (presenter)
The Radio Detective (1926) (presenter)
The Midnight Sun (1926) (presenter)
Taking the Heir (1926) (presenter)
Ridin' for Love (1926) (presenter)
The College Yell (1926) (presenter)
The Flaming Frontier (1926) (presenter)
Mountain Molly O' (1926) (presenter)
Fourth Commandment (1926) (presenter)
Al's Troubles (1926) (presenter)
The Perfect Lie (1926) (presenter)
The Desperate Game (1926) (presenter)
What Happened to Jones (1926) (presenter)
The Demon (1926) (presenter)
Western Pluck (1926) (presenter)
Sporting Life (1925) (presenter)
Daring Days (1925) (presenter)
His People (1925) (presenter)
... aka Proud Heart
Hidden Loot (1925) (presenter)
The Phantom of the Opera (1925) (presenter) (president: Universal Pictures Corp.)
The Home Maker (1925) (presenter)
The Goose Woman (1925) (presenter)
Fifth Avenue Models (1925) (presenter)
Straight Through (1925) (presenter)
... aka Ridin' Through (USA)
Let 'er Buck (1925) (presenter)
The Mad Whirl (1925) (presenter)
Oh, Doctor! (1925) (presenter)
The Hurricane Kid (1925) (presenter)
K - The Unknown (1924) (presenter)
Secrets of the Night (1924) (presenter)
The Rose of Paris (1924) (presenter)
The Fast Worker (1924) (presenter)
Butterfly (1924) (presenter)
The Western Wallop (1924) (presenter)
The Turmoil (1924) (presenter)
The Family Secret (1924) (presenter)
Wine (1924) (presenter)
Fighting Fury (1924) (presenter)
Sawdust Trail (1924) (presenter)
Love and Glory (1924) (presenter)
The Gaiety Girl (1924) (presenter)
The Signal Tower (1924) (presenter)
Excitement (1924) (presenter)
Fools' Highway (1924) (presenter)
The Man from Wyoming (1924) (presenter)
Sporting Youth (1924) (presenter)
The Red Warning (1923) (presenter)
Men in the Raw (1923) (presenter)
Where Is This West? (1923) (presenter)
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1923/I) (presenter)
Shadows of the North (1923) (presenter)
Drifting (1923) (presenter)
The Love Brand (1923) (presenter)
Legally Dead (1923) (presenter)
Out of Luck (1923) (presenter)
Merry-Go-Round (1923) (presenter)
Don Quickshot of the Rio Grande (1923) (presenter)
Burning Words (1923) (presenter)
Double Dealing (1923) (presenter)
Crossed Wires (1923) (presenter)
The Gentleman from America (1923) (presenter)
The Love Letter (1923) (presenter)
The Flame of Life (1923) (presenter)
The First Degree (1923) (presenter)
The Ghost Patrol (1923) (presenter)
The Scarlet Car (1923) (presenter)
Kindled Courage (1923) (presenter)
The Flirt (1922) (presenter)
The Power of a Lie (1922) (presenter)
A Dangerous Game (1922) (presenter)
The Flaming Hour (1922) (presenter)
Forsaking All Others (1922) (presenter)
Hunting Big Game in Africa with Gun and Camera (1922) (presenter)
One Wonderful Night (1922) (presenter)
Ridin' Wild (1922/I) (presenter)
The Jilt (1922) (presenter)
Another Man's Shoes (1922) (presenter)
The Kentucky Derby (1922) (presenter)
Broad Daylight (1922) (presenter)
... aka In Broad Daylight (UK)
Wolf Law (1922) (presenter)
Confidence (1922) (presenter)
Under Two Flags (1922) (presenter)
Caught Bluffing (1922) (presenter)
Top o' the Morning (1922) (presenter)
Human Hearts (1922) (presenter)
Paid Back (1922) (presenter)
Don't Shoot (1922) (presenter)
Her Night of Nights (1922) (presenter)
Out of the Silent North (1922) (presenter)
The Storm (1922) (presenter)
Step on It! (1922) (presenter)
Second Hand Rose (1922) (presenter)
A Wonderful Wife (1922) (presenter)
Man Under Cover (1922) (presenter)
The Bearcat (1922) (presenter)
The Wise Kid (1922) (presenter)
The Dangerous Little Demon (1922) (presenter)
Man to Man (1922) (presenter)
Tracked to Earth (1922) (presenter)
Round Two (1922) (presenter)
... aka The Leather Pushers: Round Two (USA: alternative title)
The Golden Gallows (1922) (presenter)
Wild Honey (1922) (presenter)
Let's Go (1922) (presenter)
... aka The Leather Pushers No. 1: Let's Go (USA: series title)
The Scrapper (1922) (presenter)
Don't Get Personal (1922) (presenter)
Foolish Wives (1922) (presenter)
Across the Deadline (1922) (presenter)
Shattered Dreams (1922) (presenter)
The Fire Eater (1921) (presenter)
Playing with Fire (1921/I) (presenter)
Cheated Hearts (1921) (presenter)
A Parisian Scandal (1921) (presenter)
Dr. Jim (1921) (presenter)
False Kisses (1921) (presenter)
The Conflict (1921) (presenter)
No Woman Knows (1921) (presenter)
Danger Ahead (1921) (presenter)
Short Skirts (1921) (presenter)
Luring Lips (1921) (presenter)
The Fox (1921/I) (presenter)
Desperate Trails (1921) (presenter)
The Fighting Lover (1921) (presenter)
Beyond Price (1921) (presenter)
The Dangerous Moment (1921) (presenter)
The Smart Sex (1921) (presenter)
Society Secrets (1921) (presenter)
The Fire Cat (1921) (presenter)
Colorado (1921) (presenter)
The Mad Marriage (1921) (presenter)
Rich Girl, Poor Girl (1921) (presenter)
The Torrent (1921) (presenter)
A Shocking Night (1921) (presenter)
White Youth (1920) (presenter)
The Gilded Dream (1920) (presenter)
Once a Plumber (1920) (presenter)
In Folly's Trail (1920) (presenter)
Once to Every Woman (1920) (presenter)
The Adorable Savage (1920) (presenter)
La La Lucille (1920) (presenter)
Shipwrecked Among Cannibals (1920) (presenter)
The Virgin of Stamboul (1920) (presenter)
The Phantom Melody (1920) (presenter)
The Triflers (1920) (presenter)
The Prince of Avenue A (1920) (presenter)
'If Only' Jim (1920) (presenter)

A Gun Fightin' Gentleman (1919) (presenter)
... aka The Gun-Fighting Gentleman (USA: review title)
Blind Husbands (1919) (presenter)
Loot (1919) (presenter)
The Delicious Little Devil (1919) (presenter)
The Little White Savage (1919) (presenter)
The Heart of Humanity (1918) (presenter)
... aka Hearts of Humanity (USA: review title)
Crashing Through to Berlin (1918) (presenter) (supervisor)
Straight Shooting (1917) (studio president)
... aka Joan of the Cattle Country
... aka Straight Shootin' (USA: cut version)
... aka The Cattle War
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1916) (executive)
The Silent Command (1915) (presenter)