~Captain Kidd, Jr.~
~Plot Synopsis~
Willie Carleton's (Robert Gordon) grandfather puts his will inside a book about pirates and their
buried treasure. After his death, the book is mistakenly sold to a used bookstore run by Angus
MacTavish (Spottiswoode Aitken), who lives with his granddaughter Mary (Mary Pickford) and Jim
Gleason (Douglas MacLean), a young author who loves Mary. Accompanied by lawyer John Brent
(Winter Hall) and secretary Marion Fisher (Marcia Manon), Willie tries to buy back the book, but
Mary has already discovered the paper that shows where a treasure is buried. Willie agrees to share
the treasure with the MacTavishes in return for help in digging it up. Pretending to be geologists, they
dig up an old farm now owned by Lem Butterfield (William Hutchinson). Suspicions grow and the
town constable keeps a close watch on the proceedings. The box is finally found and contains a note
stating that the treasure is a supply of good health which is bound to be gained by digging up the
farm. Back in the city Willie discovers that the hunt was only a test. John Brent (Winter Hall) had
been holding Willie's fortune in trust. Mary buys the farm and then sells it at a huge profit. Jim
Gleason sells one of his novels and he and Mary become engaged.  

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Directed by: William Desmond Taylor

Written by: Frances Marion

Based on the play Captain Kidd Junior by Rida Johnson Young (New
York, 13 Nov 1916).

Mary Pickford ...  Mary MacTavish
Douglas MacLean ...  Jim Gleason
Spottiswoode Aitken ...  Augus MacTavish
Robert Gordon ...  Willie Carlton
Winter Hall ...  John Brent
Marcia Manon ...  Marion Fisher
Victor Potel ...  Constable Sam
Vin Moore ...  Luella Butterfield
William Hutchinson ...  Lemuel Butterfield
Clarence Geldart ...  David Grayson
Louise Emmons ...  (uncredited)
Joan Marsh ...  Child (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Pickford Film

Distribution Company: Artcraft Pictures Corporation

Produced by: Mary Pickford
Cinematography by: Charles Rosher
Assistant Director: Frank Richardson

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Released: April 6, 1919
~Mary Pickford~
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